White Republican pulls fast one, wins election as black man

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You know what Democrats say when conservative people are tricked into voting for a liberal? They say, “tough luck, sucker”. For the sake of Democrat victory no form of cheating, stealing, or deceit is too low. The big stuff involves felonies, but lies, misrepresentations, smearage of opponents, and empty promises are the amateur misdeeds of the Democrat machine.

Well, well. Shoe’s on the other foot, ain’t it.

Houston, Texas is one of the well-known hotbeds of Democrat electoral cheating. And I mean the real stuff: ballot stuffing, absentee ballot fraud, multiple voting, and chasing Republican ballot-watchers out of polling places so they can carry on their election-stealing in private.

So it’s only fitting that here in Houston, where Democrats have had their way with the machine, that an old white Republican guy would pull the fastest con job since Global Warming.

Meet Dave Wilson, old white Republican
dave_wilson_2Dave Wilson is a newly elected member of the Houston Community College Board of Trustees. After years of allegations of board members scandalously using their position to steer government contracts to family and friends, Wilson defeated 24-year incumbent Bruce Austin by 26 votes.

His campaign strategy was unusual: he ran an entire campaign in which his campaign materials led people to assume he was black, like the incumbent, and like most of the voters. Pictures and radio ads of smiling black people speaking of his merits; an endorsement by Ron Wilson – his cousin who happens to have the same name as an influential local political figure; a nice (true) bio, but no picture of himself. His opponent scarcely ran a campaign, thinking it was in the bag.

His campaign themes were positive and do reflect the agenda he intends to pursue on the Board. He committed no violation of any campaign rules. And he won. That would have not been possible if people had not been turned off to the incumbent. Needless to say, the losing incumbent is whining, and Democrats are crying foul!!! Recount!!! You know, the usual things.

You know what? Tough. As somebody we all know once said…

We won.

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