US appeases Iran, invites aggression; China accepts invitation

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chinese islandsApparently, the killing of Osama bin Laden and President Obama’s role as “Drone Godfather” can’t make up for surrendering Iraq, Egypt, Benghazi, Syria and Iran to the tender mercies of terrorists or, as the Obama Administration prefers to call them, “violent extremists”,  at least as far as Chinese hegemony in the Pacific is concerned.

Last week China, also known as “Red China” given its continued rule by the Communist Party, extended its “defense zone” too 100 miles, usually set at 12 miles out to sea from a nation’s border by international convention, and yesterday:

…scrambled fighter jets to monitor US and Japanese planes as they flew in its newly declared air defence zone in the East China Sea on Friday. The zone covers [islands and] territory claimed by China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. China said last week that all aircraft crossing through the zone must file flight plans and identify themselves or face “defensive emergency measures”.

[The ministry of defence announced the move, which is the first time China is known to have sent military aircraft into the zone alongside foreign flights, stepping up its response to the challenge after its unilateral establishment of the zone.]

The US, Japan and South Korea say they have since defied the ruling and flown military aircraft in the area:

However, despite U.S. assurances of push back against China, the Obama Administration advised its commercial airlines to notify Chinese authorities of flight plans when travelling through an air defense zone that Beijing established a week ago over the East China Sea, ratcheting up regional tensions:

The United States said it expected U.S. carriers to operate in line with so-called notices to airmen issued by foreign countries, adding, however, that the decision did “not indicate U.S. government acceptance of China’s requirements.

“Our expectation of operations by US carriers consistent with Notams does not indicate US government acceptance of China’s requirements.”

Sadly, having commercial airlines represents at least temporary acceptance of China’s unprecedented power move in the Pacific, the one area in the world where President Obama assured Americans less than two years ago that he would maintain a strong presence after out withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan.

It appears that the only people President Obama intends to deter from taking actions in their interest are those of Americans who wish to keep healthcare plans and doctors they liked.

More to come, and at least Vice President Biden is traveling to the region next week…

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