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The Time is Now, Legislators. Repeal Obamacare Now


After today’s speech by the President, where he admitted he lied to the Country regarding Obamacare, there is no better chance to go after the repeal of this Marxist/Socialist law that not even himself knows what contains.

I was surprised to hear some GOP Legislators trying to help the President to save his Healthcare Frankenstein.

How in the World any Republican would want to “help fix Obamacare”? Yet, there are some that are trying to do just that.

Dems are running like scared cows. They know their Boss “missed the train” royally.

Why in the world a Republican would like to help them keep their faces and their seats?

It is beyond me.


Where is Ted Cruz at this time? His chance is now better that ever was before.

Comm’on Ted, we are “Cruzing” with you, guy! Go for it.


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