Tim Donnelly Needs the Nation’s Help to Win Over California

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It’s in your best interest to help Tim Donnelly become Governor of California. I don’t care that you don’t live here, it’s time to start thinking long-term.

Everyone knows the old saying, “As California goes, so goes the nation?” Okay – so let’s go: You saw what happened in Virginia – two stinking % points – and we as a nation, now need to rally behind a man in California you may not have heard of – but you will. His name is Tim Donnelly, and he’s running for Governor of California. But wait – there’s more: He’s a Republican. He’s a conservative.. And he’s not squishy California conservative – he’s the real deal. I know. Some background:

Tim Donnelly is the State Assemblyman in the District where I live. I could go on and on about the California legislature, but let’s just say that Lenin and Marx would blush if they saw what has been coming out of there since they attained a huge liberal Democrat majority in Sacramento. Combine that with two entrenched liberal Senators (Feinstein and Boxer), the re-animation of Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and a short, but devastating reign as Speaker of the House, San Fransisco’s own Nancy “let’s pass it so we can see what’s in it” Pelosi – and you have the perfect storm of failure at every level.

The once most productive State in the union – more powerful and plentiful than 90% of the countries in the world is now so deep in debt, so bogged down in leftist regulation and do-gooder government weight that it can barely do ten girl push-ups without a daiquiri break. California used to feed the world, now it can only feed the NSA with citizen’s private information through Silicon Valley, and the mind’s of young American kids with crap music, crap TV and movies which resemble nothing more than snuff films with the occasional car chase. We’re toast.. or are we?

.. Then Came Donnelly:

The first time I met Tim, I asked him; “What would California be like with a Governor Donnelly armed with a microphone and a line-item veto pen?” He laughed, but I got the feeling he had thought of that already. The fact is, it’s one of the very few scenarios this State has which could save it. And, as the saying goes – the country would follow. Check out Tim’s “Return to Greatness” video (hat tip to Little Bonanza Prods.):

Now listen to me: We can’t count on the RNC to help Donnelly – I hope they do – but you saw what happened to Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia, right? I am asking you – no, pleading with you to go to Tim’s website and get in the game by donating money to his campaign. Come on, do it while you’re thinking of it – it’s going to take the entire nation to make this happen – and believe me, it can happen. I’m not going to bore you with my story, but I’ve been in every little city, town and hamlet in this great State and there are tons of conservatives – including millions of Democrats – who would vote for Tim Donnelly if they only had the opportunity to get to know him and see his passion and where he stands. Because he stands with them and with us.

The people of California don’t want what they have, but they need a viable alternative. This is a massive State with expensive media and it’s going to take your help.



Rodney Lee Conover
Californian since 1987
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