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Yes, the “Mark of the Beast” is present in D.C today, three times over, under the aliases of Obama, Reid and Pelosi. It is a sad thing to say, but history’s worst of the worst that massacred millions of people can’t hold a candle to this trio of demons. At least the Hitlers of the world openly persecuted, tortured, imprisoned and killed those subjects considered to be unworthy.  But these contemporary 666ers choose to covertly suck the humanity and individuality, even the very spirit from their subjects so as to create a permanent, dependent society that will forever follow. All in the name of WE KNOW BEST FOR YOU, YOU ARE SIMPLY NOT CAPABLE OF MANAGING YOU OWN SELF BEING.

Daily I watch the ever increasing carnage wrought on the American populace by these power hungry Progressive “leaders”, aided and abetted by their followers in congress and the Supreme Court and soon the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit which will provide the required absolute “authority” for the number one 666, Hussein Obama himself. With only three years left and lacking control of the House he realized the Constitution and the conservative members of Congress were in his way of destroying this Republic and thus decided to bypass all principals of Constitutional governance to achieve his goal. And all it took was two accomplices! Actually, only one, but he just couldn’t deny his female partner in evil the credit of being by his side!

For those of you that believe he and his programs will fail may I remind you that we were already better than halfway there when he took office:  Medicare, Social Security, another fifty million plus on government assistance, and God knows how many millions of illegal aliens chomping at the bit to help him redistribute the wealth. Makes reshaping the federal courts a slam dunk  –  you know how proficient he is on the basketball court – and socialized medicine, recognized by all good socialists and communists as the final thread in the process of destroying personal liberty and freedom, was put in place as the “law of the land”. Like all big government programs it will never be repealed. Yes, there may be some “modifications” but Uno 666 will never sign off on anything that restores personal choice and responsibility and by the time he is out of office the masses will be sucked in.

It is not likely that any one of these three is capable of being the “anti-Christ”;  I attach the adjective 666 to them to illustrate that evil is evil regardless of the pretense and that their actions are elements of the transformation of human culture preceding the anti-Christ era.  I pray that I am wrong, but I see what I see. One last note – I am now told that I say these things about Obama because I am racist, not because I see the wrongness and yes, EVIL, of Obama’s policies. Just ask Oprah Winfrey!

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