Senate now merely Obama’s sock-puppet

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reid and obamaDemocrat Harry Reid long ago abdicated any notion of Article I institutional integrity, much less independence from the executive branch, by acquiescing to every “change in the law” President Barack Obama issued via executive fiat.

Remember, the Dream Act of amnesty the Senate rejected, but later imposed by the erstwhile King at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Remember when former President Bill Clinton could way eloquent on the success of the welfare reform Newt forced upon him? Gone with one word from The One. Then there were was the delay of Obamacare’s employer mandate and exemptions granted to Congress, their staffs and the White House staff. Turns out they were allowed to keep their policies, even if it wasn’t written down on one the 2500+ pages of the ACA that Democrat Nancy Pelosi said we would find out about if only we would just pass the “law.”

Now comes the so-called “nuclear option” to make sure that the wielder of Article II powers has no trouble with the already-diminished Article II Advise-and-Consent body when appointing Article III judges and justices for life:

Full Disclosure: DeVine Law has never been a big fan of non-constitution-mandated (such as treaty ratification, impeachment and constitutional amendments) super-majorities requiring 60 votes to invoke cloture and end filibusters in the Senate. Why? Because it has been employed mostly to make liberal welfare state spending, onerous anti-cheap energy rules and big government-run programs permanent.

You will search in vain for any instance where the filibuster was used to save us from liberal judges that disrespect the U.S. Constitution or to repeal bad liberal laws. Rather, Democrats periodically get filibuster-proof super-majorities, as they did from 2009-2010 to pass Obamacare, and then protect their programs from repeal even after they lose the majority )as they have to keep us from drilling in ANWR for over 30 years.

So we aren’t crying “filliblustering” tears here. But what matters is that when next the GOP controls the Senate that it have the courage to assert its will with 51 votes while the liberal Democrat media bemoans the denial of “minority” rights.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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