Obamacare retaliation against Agent Bongino that cared for Obama?

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To be a Secret Service Agent is to volunteer to defend the life of the President of the United States with your life, literally.

If any government employees should get to keep insurance policies they like, if a government were to grant exemptions from Obamacare, or grandfather in existing policies, for anyone it would surely include armed forces that defend us, right? Not in the Age of Obama:

Count a former Secret Service agent among the millions of Americans who say they’ve been booted from their insurance plans due to Obamacare mandates.

Dan Bongino, who is now running for Congress as a Republican but who served 12 years as a Secret Service agent in the Clinton administration and for President Obama, until 2010, said he just received a letter in the mail notifying him about his looming canceled coverage, The New York Post reported.

The letter stated: “Your current benefit plan does not conform to these new [Obamacare] mandates.”

No Agent Bongino, the privilege to be exempted from President Barack Obama and the Democrats’ dreamed-for-healthcare-law is reserved only to member of Congress, their staff members and members of the White House staff. So we couldn’t be happier with your June announcement to run for Congress in Maryland (click here for candidate’s website):

hunger-games1-200x200Mr. Bongino posted his complaint about his cancellation letter to Facebook, and had told The Post in an earlier interview that he believed the current White House administration was “using government as a weapon exclusively to intimidate enemies.”

What else was the IRS engaged in before last year’s election, after all?

Not sure if Bongino is just the latest Capitol City-Hunger Games victim, along with the D.C. Insurance Commissioner fired for criticizing Obamacare, of the Gangster Government aka the Obama Administration; but would anyone be surprised if he were?

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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