Reince Priebus & the RNC: Send in the RINO Clowns

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It is exactly one year before the mid-term elections and the major political parties are starting to shift into campaign mode. So, it was no surprise when a friend received an email from Reince Priebus and the Republican National Committee (RNC) asking for a donation. I won’t bore you with the whole RINO induced screed, but here is the basic summary:

Dear friend,

Barack Obama and the Democrats are falsely claiming that a mandate exists from last year’s election to continue to advance their ultra-left agenda of ever-expanding government, massive deficits, and class warfare.

We must act immediately to strengthen and expand our Party for the 2013-2014 election cycle. And we must remain true to our conservative principles so that we can put brakes on the disastrous policies of a second-term Obama administration…

By acting today, you will be reaffirming your personal commitment to stand up for an America where low taxes, free enterprise, limited government, individual responsibility, and a strong military are the building blocks to a prosperous and secure future for our nation and our families.

Barack Obama campaigned on the promise that he would bring our country together, reach beyond partisanship to solve our country’s critical problems.

Instead, President Obama has proven to be one of the most divisive leaders our nation has ever seen.

With 38 governorships, 35 Senatorial, 435 Congressional and thousands of offices at stake up-and-down the ballot, we will need to spend tens of millions of dollars on candidate recruitment, opposition research, voter identification and grassroots organizing.

It would seem to be the typical RNC fundraising pitch until you consider whose name was signed to it:

Please contribute $14 today to help provide the foundation for Republican victories in 2014.


John McCain (?!)

Yes, that John McCain. The bitter old man who has been calling conservatives “wacko birds” and putting all of his efforts behind undermining their influence within the Party, is now touting “conservative principles” for cash. Of course, it is very possible that this is just a form letter to which McCain’s name was affixed, but given that he absolutely repels conservatives, this scheme is an affront that calls into question the judgment of the decision-makers at the RNC.

rino clownWhile the letter talks about organizing the grassroots, the GOP establishment has been pouring political herbicide on the massive conservative growth behind opposing Obamacare.

It is astounding that for all the discontent with the blatant, big government overreach of the Obama administration, there’s a rich potential harvest of Republican votes to be had if only the elitists would put more effort into advancing the line by opposing the Democrats, instead of attacking members of the Party of Reagan & Lincoln.

Apparently, so-called RNC “power” brokers prefer no power at all. Republicans must want to remain in the minority, rather than allowing conservatives a voice for their quickly growing constituency. It would seem that, for all the talk about the Republicans’ needing a “big tent”, the only group not welcome are those trying to keep the GOP true to the principles upon which the Party was founded.

It was Senator McCain who said he’d have a tough time choosing between Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton, but it is no surprise, given that McCain was recently quoted as saying, “Her work as secretary of state, with the exception of this issue of Benghazi — which isn’t going away — I think has been outstanding.”  Well, if John McCain has difficulty choosing between a libertarian-conservative and a socialist with American blood on her hands, after her promoting the Muslim Brotherhood into power across the Middle-East, then why do his friends at the RNC deserve my money, or even expect it?

While he accuses President Obama of being “divisive,” McCain could be accused of the same within the Republican Party. He and other establishment-elites have waged an all out war on conservatives, especially those espousing first principles, as supported by the  TEA Party.

While conservatives are advocating for “low taxes, free enterprise, limited government, individual responsibility and economic growth,” John McCain and his big-government buddies have been undermining those ideals by giving President Obama unlimited authority to increase the debt ceiling, and do so without even putting up a fight.

rino clownWhile Ted Cruz is leading the fight against Obamacare, the establishment calls him everything but a child of God, and those are just representatives within his own party! Now that we know what an absolute tyrannical mess Obamacare is, maybe conservatives should raise money by selling t-shirts saying, “I was for defunding before it was cool.” And while McCain is taking shots at Obama in a fundraising email, he is also cozying up to the president to see how they can get amnesty passed. Nice con-job, Senator. Save it for Chris Matthews.

RNC chairman Reince Priebus quietly supported Ted Cruz in his defunding effort, and has occasionally come to the defense of Tea Party principles. It is possible, therefore, that this absurd fundraising ploy was not concocted by Priebus, but by a lower level staffer within the RNC’s machinery. Even so, Priebus is the man at the top and he should be aware of the goings on within the organization. Rather than seeking out his next Beltway cocktail party, he should be laying out a systematic approach to fundraising that clearly and compellingly articulates the benefits of conservatism.

But “make no mistake,” a call for donations from John McCain represents a clear lapse in judgment and a complete lack of leadership.

Fundraising under the name of one who stands for nothing, but just happens to have an “R” next to his name, is insulting to those of us who want the GOP to embrace Constitutional principles rather than acquiescing to even more progressive “asshattery.” Note that McCain’s disturbing solicitation arrived at a time when people are trying to figure out how they are going to pay for their healthcare premiums AND cover the expenses of a quickly approaching holiday season. Clearly, there is a built-in assumption that we’re stupid and oblivious. If I want to donate to a worthy cause, I can give my money to any number of charities where my dollars will actually do some good.

rino clownWhy should I donate to the RNC if they are going to refer to the same losing playbook, especially after the allegation that they snubbed conservative, Ken Cuccinelli in the Virginia governor’s race because some said he was too extreme? Extremely American. If the Republicans are going to strategize from the DC fish bowl, while viewing fellow citizens as slope-headed idiots just because we revere our Constitution, they should plan for a long stay in the loser’s circle.

If the GOP chooses to implode by turning their guns on their own, don’t expect those of us who are viewed as “the problem” by the establishment to fund the collapse.

This country is on the road to destruction. We will either take the direct route with the Democrats or the scenic route with “Dem-lite” Republicans; but either way, we will end up at the same destination. The American people deserve a clear choice between liberal and conservative philosophies. Reince Priebus, if you are not willing to assist in giving them that choice by supporting and promoting conservative candidates, then you need to step aside.

A person’s vote is an expression of their trust and the Republican Party of late has not proven that they deserve mine. In fact, they have violated it consistently. I can only speak for myself, but I will not be beaten into submission to vote for another GOP candidate that is nothing more than “a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. I will not contribute my time, treasure and vote only to be told to shut up when the election is over. Frankly, I’d rather see another “moonbat” in the White House than an unprincipled “RINO”. If experiencing more pain is what it’s going to take to wake more people up, then I am willing to endure that pain too. Ultimately, I am not interested in taking the scenic route to America’s destruction.

Please don’t make me choose, once again, between “the lesser of two evils.” I’d prefer an undeviating path to prosperity. How about you, Mr. Chairman?

By Christy Waters at Conservative Report Online

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