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Principal bans mother from school over concealed weapons permit Facebook post


HEPHZIBAH, Ga. – A Georgia mother who posted a picture of her concealed weapons permit on her private Facebook page was banned from her daughter’s school because of the post.

principal bansApparently some busybody PTO members at McBean Elementary School don’t like Tanya Mount, and tattled to the principal that the outspoken mother had posted a picture of her concealed weapons permit online, reports.

McBean Principal Janina Dallas told the television station the PTO members brought the post to her attention, and said they were concerned because Mount had disrupted classes before, and she’s protective of her daughter.

Somehow, Dallas got the impression that Mount is therefore a security threat to students and issued a no trespassing order against her, reports.

“It is my duty and responsibility as the principal of this school to ensure the safety and security of all our faculty, staff and students,” Dallas told the television station.

This is really ridiculous.

If anything, Mount’s concealed weapons permit establishes that she’s a very mentally stable and responsible citizen. Local gun boards typically require a background check and other detailed information about applicants to ensure they can be trusted to carry a weapon undercover in public; they don’t just pass permits out like candy.

Mount likely was proud of the fact she was deemed fit to carry a weapon when she posted her new credentials on Facebook.

Dallas is essentially telling local gun board members she and her PTO informants know more about assessing potential threats than the professionals.

“I’m not a criminal. I’ve never been to jail. I’ve never been arrested,” Mount told “I was like, ‘What is this for?’”

Dallas said she took the “precaution” of banning Mount in light of recent school shootings across the country, which also doesn’t make sense.

In no instance that EAGnews has reported on has a school gunman also possessed a concealed weapons permit. People who shoot other people in public school buildings are not typically the types of individuals who would pass the rigorous screening process necessary to obtain a CCW permit.

Dallas’ overreaction to meddling PTO members’ unfounded concerns does nothing to protect students. It only illustrates the principal doesn’t understand the real threats to school security.

Mount has since transferred her daughter to a different school.


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