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President Obama mask results in mandatory diversity training


HOPKINSVILLE, Ky. – A Kentucky medical center employee took third place in the company costume contest and was awarded the prize of mandatory diversity training.
obama maskFor the company Halloween party, a Jennie Stuart Medical Center employee donned a President Obama mask and straitjacket. Escorted by fellow workers dressed in security gear, the group performed a skit entitled “VIP Special Delivery.”

Other employees at the party seemed to enjoy the outfits and skit, voting the group into third place in the group costume contest division.

However, the human resources department was not amused and is now requiring that all 750 employees attend diversity training, reports WZTV.

Due to privacy regulations, the hospital can’t comment on whether the employees who wore the costumes have been disciplined or not.

The Vice President of Human Resources at the medical center issued a statement to staff apologizing for anyone who was offended  and personally took responsibility since the incident occurred on his watch, reports the news story.

HR also requested that employees refrain from political, religious, ethnic and gender based costumes in the future.

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