The power of an image…

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I ran across this image and it made me want to know more. In my search it made me realize the power of an image… so I wanted to share it.Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 7.29.02 PM

In my searching I found the this:

Two mechanics managed to get themselves to safety in time, reported a police spokesperson. Rescuers found the body of a deceased mechanic next to the wind turbine on the ground.

Because of the height the fire department initially had trouble extinguishing the fire in the engine room. In the evening, a special team of firefighters went up with a large crane, and found the body of the missing man.

I was searching because I wanted to know the outcome. Hoping the best, only to find this story had no Captain Sully type of outcome.

During the search I came across comments across the spectrum… Again, I had to share…

The “Problem solving” Crowd

While this sucks and I’m sorry they died. How is a parachute not standard equipment for these guys? They could have just jumped off…

The “Denial” Crowd

I’m not a fan of stories like these =\

The “Black Helicopter” Crowd


How did that catch fire? It looks like all metal, and there SHOULDN’T be any gas… Did we uncover a conspiracy?

The “Some People Just Don’t Get It” Crowd… Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 8.24.31 PM

**I am no where near an expert on wind-turbines… But I have to assume that when possible and I would think that would include anytime someone is servicing these units they would need to be locked out?  Even if it wasn’t locked out, they don’t produce “extra” wind…  The reply to that comment sent me even further over the edge… This person thinks that a motor turns the “fan” not wind?  Good lord man… you better get your blinker fluid checked.

The “Let’s Get Political” Crowd

Sorry to be callous, but the renewable energy nay-sayers are going to love this

The “It’s All About ME” Crowd“…

Good going on ruining my Birthday today…..

The “What it’s Really About” Crowd

This is really sad… how hopeless would you feel… man. Thoughts and prayers are with the families of these two.

All of that got me thinking about how powerful a picture can be… what’s it got you thinking? That’s what the comments section is for…

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