The Phony Libertarian Fix is Coming

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Hillary Rodham ClintonThere is a way for Democrats and their cheerleaders in the press to assure Hillary Clinton her rightful place in history. The Ken Cucinelli and Mitch McConnell races are all you need to know : Fund a phony Libertarian candidate, divide the Republican voter pie and cue the pantsuit boogie-music, friends.

Running up to the 2016 presidential elections – if you begin to notice the well-heeled rise of a third-party “Libertarian” candidate for President suddenly gaining ground, being interviewed on every talk show and running on a return to the Constitution, repealing ObamaCare, securing the border and curbing domestic surveillance abuses – don’t be surprised, and don’t be fooled if it’s the left who’s behind it. Sadly, many will be.

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..I have an idea: Jump in the lagoon – there’s a manatee named Monica in there..
Ha – always the jokes, that’s why we’ve stayed together..

Much like the Cucinelli debacle in Virginia, the fraud can easily be exposed – but they don’t need a whole lot of votes picked off because look what they’ll have going for them already: First, you have a mainstream media not only in the tank for Democrats generally; but now you have one feeling pretty guilty for letting race trump gender in 2008. We’ve had the first black president and now it’s the ladies turn and if you think they carried water for Obama – watch what they do for the ever-abused, ever-entitled Rodham-Clinton in 2016. Plus – she’ll be the “qualified” candidate Barack Obama never was and sold as bringing back the old “two-for-one” Clinton days of the 90’s prosperity – without the hot and cold running interns..

Get used to this stuff, good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia..

If you think for a minute that George Soros and the rest of the sickos in the anti-America club don’t see the value of financing a fake Tea Party candidate for President and aren’t vetting one as we speak, you are kidding yourself. This guy Robert Sarvis who ran as a Libertarian against Ken Cucinelli in Virginia got 6.5% of the vote – enough to allow someone even more vile than Hillary Clinton to become Governor of Virginia – and if Democrats can skim off just 1% of the votes in a presidential election, that’s huge!

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We can argue all day long about whether or not Sarvis was serious about trying to win or not, but you can’t debate where his money came from. Democrat money bundling – specifically an Obama bundler from Texas threw in the lion’s share of the cash. Bottom line: Sarvis’ campaign was funded in large part by Democrats and this made Terry McCauliffe the winner. Them’s the facts.

In Kentucky, Mitch McConnell’s primary opponent is Matt Bevins, who seems to be genuine and has his own money to run a primary against McConnell – who has fallen out of favor from Tea Party activists and conservatives opposed to bail-outs, TARP, NAFTA, Patriot Act, etc. The Democrats haven’t thrown money behind Bevin yet, but it’s not the point. Bevins has conservatives all fired up to throw McConnell out of office and should he do that, let’s be honest – it gives the Democrats a shot at winning that Senate Seat whereas they have zero chance now.

perotWho could forget how Bill Clinton himself got into office? It was the third-party libertarian-type candidate Ross Perot who siphoned off a significant number of votes from Bush the elder to allow the long-shot hick to slip into power. No one else of any quality would even run against Bush 41 because he was so popular after all those videos of Iraqi’s getting blown up by smart bombs, narrated by Norman Schwarzkopf. They should have sold those as a VHS set like those Dean Martin roasts, they’d have made a mint.


This is what’s really crazy though – I never forgot it: Mr. Perot looked like he might have a chance to win when he suddenly flaked out over “dirty Republican tricks” to upset his daughter’s wedding or some other crap, I can’t quite remember exactly. Sometimes I wonder if he wasn’t in there just to spite George Bush or if he wasn’t trying to help Bill and Hillary. He did have that computer automation company which benefited from government programs… HillaryCare? Just sayin’.

Anyhoozer, add up all the money they have socked away in the off-shore Google, Facebook, George Soros, Joe Liemandt, Robert J. Perry accounts and you could run a decent Libertarian campaign for President in 2016 and get who knows how many votes? Keep in mind, you’re just trying to buy votes – not actually win – so it’s a whole new strategy and kind of easy actually –  just appealing to the idiots who don’t pay much attention to detail. Much like their own constituency when you think about it.

Look for the Libertarian label in 2016 and all hail the Pantsuit.  hillary-clinton-pantsuit-fashionWorship the Pantsuit.


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Who’s a poopie-head??

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