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I was talking with a friend last week and we were discussing the online proliferation of stories regarding Barack Obama and FEMA camps, domestic Federal firepower, NSA snooping, the compromising of Justice Roberts, David Petraeus, etc. through blackmail, Agenda 21 and similar subjects which have been gaining in regard through social media the past couple years.

There was a time not too long ago I’d put them all in the conspiratorial category but I don’t do that anymore, having had to apologize to several people for calling them nuts for things they said just five years ago. Incredibly, they were right.

Turns out Barack Obama, Valerie Jarret, Rahm Emmanuel, Eric Holder, just about everybody from the NSA who’s testified before Congress, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, George Soros, John Conyers, Alan Grayson – do I have to continue? They not only do not have our best interests in mind – they are actively involved in destroying our present system of government which has served us so well since the founding of the Republic.

I wouldn’t have said that five years ago. I would have said something like; “They have a different view of how America can work the best and although they are wrong, having different views is a healthy thing and debating these ideas is good for the country…”

Wrong again, gulag breath.

They have no intent on keeping anything which is good for this country. They’re against everything decent or productive in America and have been working tirelessly in the most vile and duplicitous methods to tear us down, divide us, bankrupt the treasury, steal our children’s souls, disarm, rot our spirit, corrupt our morals, incite the mobs with fear, smear us with invective, fill us with hate, remove God from our families and make us believe we are the evil ones..

You can call me nuts if you want – but the Coming of Barack Obama is a good thing.

13-1123 - Obama on Rushmore 300w 226hThat’s right – Barack Obama is the springboard off the bottom of the progressive cesspool. Sixty years these sicko’s have been whittling down the Capitalist Redwood City Upon the Hill called America and it took an amateur neighborhood organizer with a TelePromter to finally get us to believe it’s really happening. Yes, there is actually an enemy within – which Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Reagan warned us about. It seems surreal – yet here we are.

Whenever folks talk about America falling like other great empires, it’s always so far off in the future – like a science fiction film or when you learned about the Rapture as a kid. It just seemed like something that might happen a thousand years from now and hey – let’s get a pizza, what’dya think? But here we are. These goofy Democrats and their lapdog idiots in the non-Fox media (stole that from my buddy Ann Coulter) once again are saying the Tea Party is dead and irrelevant.


They’re dragging out polls showing people hate Ted Cruz and they blame the Tea Party for the government shut down, the deficit and the Kennedy assassination. Sure, the Tea Party is only three years old – but who cares – they caused global warming too!

But I digress.. If it weren’t for Barack Obama and his accomplishments (fundamentally transforming this country) we’d still be sliding down liberal lane, going to barbecues, watching the Kardashians, talking to our friends with some jealous NSA flunky who used to date your friend listening in, bitching about John McCain, watching cat videos on YouTube, trying to get that stupid Pitbull song out of your head – what is it?… “..It’s goin’ down, you goin’ to her…” shut up already…

The point is I’m extremely optimistic and you should be too. Look at it like a businessman:

I’m not happy this whole Hope & Change thing happened, but any economist will tell you that recession is actually good for business. Recession makes a business take a good hard look at itself and cut the fat – get rid of what’s not needed, what’s unproductive, what you really shouldn’t be doing or selling or spending your time with. It’s cold and painful – like medicine – but when you come out the other side, you’re strong and ready to rock and roll in a big way.

This isn’t the end folks, it’s the beginning. The start of something big – really big. We’re going to rid ourselves of Barack Obama and the poison that is this Administration. They made the big mistake of exposing themselves for what they are: Wannabe tyrants. Amateur despots. They’re not leftists, liberals or Democrats – they’re sociopathic liars. They lie. A lot. They can look you right in the television and lie their asses off because they are the most dangerous type of liars:

They believe what they’re saying isn’t lying because the lie will beget them power.

benghazi hillary2These folks can create completely false scenarios out of critical events (see Benghazi) and can live within those fairy tales (a YouTube video) if it means more power (the 2012 election). They can run guns to Mexican drug cartels and look straight into the eyes of Brian Terry’s parents with his body just a few feet away and swear they’ll get to the bottom of it – knowing it was a ruse to promote gun control in this country. They can say “Period” when they know the truth is “Not”.

They can do it because their lies are their reality. Now they’re out in the open like Redcoats. We don’t have muskets, but we have our voices and the truth on our side. I hate the fact that this has happened and the country is suffering. But it’s happened and now we’re going to kick their skinny PC asses – I know it. 2014 is going to make 2010 look tiny. We’re going to toss out the Republican establishment, the RINO’s, the liberals, the garbage and they are going to understand that they’ve made a fateful tactical error by stealing from us. Okay, we were caught off guard but they’re in the red zone and this is our stand.

Who’s with me?

I’m Rodney Lee Conover and I’m running for Congress in California. I’d like your support – check out my congressional page and while you’re there – press the big donate button and send a contribution to my campaign. I’m going to need it. It’s a good product and a great investment. Do it while you’re thinking about it – thanks. Send me some money and I’ll do the work. It’s a fair deal.

We’ve been saved by Barack Obama after all.

PS: Keep the muskets close, just in case.

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