Valerie Jarrett dating famous Islam convert, Ahmad Rashad?

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ahmad-rashad-valerie-jarrettCould romance for President Obama’s most trusted adviser be one reason is so sick?

Not sure where White House aide Valerie Jarrett may have met football star-turned-broadcaster Ahmad Rashad (fka Bobby Moore before he converted to Islam), but we do recall her boss describing the Islamic call to prayer as “one of the most prettiest sounds on earth at sunset”. So maybe they spotted each other while entranced by the same sounds that animate the close friend of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, that Barack Hussein Obama always refers to by the honorific “Minister” Farrakhan, and that emanate from the book our Commander-in-Chief always refers to as the “holy” Koran.

Page Six reports:

Ahmad Rashad, a Pro Bowl wide receiver, has made yet another great catch.

The Minnesota Vikings legend has rebounded from his broken marriage to Sale Johnson — the ex-wife of Jets owner Woody Johnson — and is said to be dating Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s most trusted senior adviser…

“They haven’t gone out in public,” one source told me. “They are sneaking around.” (Rashad’s manager did not respond to questions about the relationship, and the White House declined to comment on Jarrett’s personal life.)…

Of her one and only marriage, to William Robert Jarrett, Valerie once e-mailed a reporter: “Married in 1983, separated in 1987, and divorced in 1988. Enough said.”

Not sure who answers to whom in the West Wing and residence-quarters at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue these days, but do suspect that not very long into the relationship, Obama’s PC Police made sure that Moore/Rashad had never been a Redskin, Seminole, Brave, Indian or Chief; unless he had denounced those associations and only refers to the team quarterbacked by RGIII as the “Washington Footballers”.

Turns out amateur Moore was an Oregon Duck while professional Rashad was a St. Louis Cardinal, Buffalo Bill and Minnesota Viking. Guess those un-pleasantries on the British Isles aren’t politically incorrect enough to stop love in the White House.

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