The NSA is Not Worried – Why are You?

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The NSA is not worried about getting busted because Congress loves having a secret police and a bumbling fool like Mike Rogers to keep them in line.

The legacy of President Obama as a serial liar who lies, then lies about his lies, then says he wasn’t lying, which of course is a lie; has overshadowed the lies coming out of the NSA guys whose job it seems is to spy and lie. Hey – that rhymed! Anyway, after you watch this nifty video, you’ll see a little bit why the NSA doesn’t really care if they get caught spying, lying or influence buying.. There’s a lackey in charge that wouldn’t care if they hired Nicolas Cage to protect the Constitution. His name? Mike Rogers – and he’s a piece of, um.. work. Yeah, that’s it.

Mike Rogers, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee said in an NSA spying hearing the other day that basically, no lowly citizen should have any expectation of a right to privacy in America. Stephen I. Vladeck, a law professor at American University Washington College of Law was being questioned by Rogers, who seemed confident that as long as no one complains their privacy has been violated, no such violation could possibly have occurred. In other words, if you don’t get caught, if no one notices, if you’re not aware – it didn’t happen!

Um… excuse me? “Somebody must be doing something exactly right”? You mean ‘not getting caught in the act of illegal spying’? Using that logic, you can have sex with a woman at a party who has passed out, as long as she doesn’t remember, or realize the next day what happened? You can take your neighbor’s stuff if he doesn’t notice it’s missing? Manipulate the stock market if no one knows about it? Lie about keeping your health plan if you like it? .. Okay, that’s a bad example – but you get my drift – this Mike Rogers clearly doesn’t understand the law or the Bill of Rights.

How can this imbecile possibly be in charge of oversight of the intelligence community? They might as well be running wild.. Actually, they are running wild. I’m beginning to think Edward Snowden should be given a medal and brought back here to a ticker-tape parade and a date with Kate Upton. And Mike Rogers should be removed from office or at least given a breath-test. What a maroon –

Hey Mike: If a tree falls on your head, would we hear any brain matter spill out?



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