Mountain Man Arrested – Completely Destroys Judge


“I am a living man protected by natural law and I have the right to forage for food when I am hungry… You are trying to create a fictitious, fraudulent action.”

11EF71426CA5AFC0CA0031C91E666072_588_588A man living in the wilderness was subject to arrest earlier this month. He was charged with fishing without a license and resisting the arrest for fishing without a license. Mr. Tertegte says he was merely feeding himself and dismisses any charges.   A sovereign citizen living as a free man under natural law is not subject to federal action.  The man dismantled every legal argument that the judge spouted.  He is a true patriot, a free man of the past, living in this Orwellian future.

May we all take a lesson from Ernie Tertelgte.
“I am the living man, protected by natural law.”

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Baron Von Kowenhoven

Baron was just a shy kid with a dream, growing up in the 40's with a knack for story-telling. After a brief career in film, Von Kowenhoven went to Europe in search of fringe-scientific discoveries and returned in the 90's to unleash them on the entertainment and political landscape of America.


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