Leftist Hate Groups Mark UT Student For Death

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Leftist Hate Groups Smear UT Student As “Uncle Tom, Racist” & Mark Him For Death For Planning Immigration Stunt

By Doug Giles at ClashDaily.com

grid-cell-23135-1384813927-17A Hispanic college student named Lorenzo Garcia is being painted by the ever-so-tolerant Left as a “promoter of hate” while they meanwhile call him an “Uncle Tom,” a “traitor to his race,” and make death threats against him, all for merely planning a role-playing exercise to provoke discussion about enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.

Garcia is having his young life and future virtually ruined, says someone close to him, who is concerned about Google searches of Lorenzo’s name producing results including “racist,” and “race traitor,” just because he intended to stage a mock play about immigration enforcement.

It was supposed to be a political statement in the form of a sort of game of ”tag” at the University of Texas at Austin last week, called “Catch an Illegal Immigrant.” Members of Garcia’s conservative students’ group, Young Conservatives of Texas, would wander around campus wearing T-shirts that said “illegal immigrant,” and whoever “captured” them and brought them to the group’s event sponsorship table would receive a $25 gift card.

The purpose of the planned and advertised(but quickly cancelled, in the ensuing massive uproar and controversy) event was to, as the YCT Facebook page put it, “…to spark a campus-wide discussion about the issue of illegal immigration, and how it affects our everyday lives.”

The reaction to the planned event, and the retaliation by the increasingly hyper-aggressive shock troops of Marxist political correctness, was extremely harsh, swift, and virtually nationwide. Loud protests featuring hundreds and hundreds of marchers were organized by all the usual Leftist mobs, and indignant top university officials denounced the concept with typical obligatory remarks about “diversity” and “inclusion,” saying the stunt would have been “completely out of line with the university’s values.”

In official statements, the university’s president, vice president, and a member of the Texas Board of Regents all accused YCT of “degrading campus culture” as well as “disrespecting” members of the foreign invasion overrunning the United States.

Hollywood actress America Ferrara showed up and helped lead the huge protests, which took place even after the event was cancelled.

Even Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, a Republican and current candidate for governor, has turned against Garcia, who was recently employed by Abbott’s campaign. Denouncing the event, Abbott’s press secretary, Avdiel Huerta, said the “campaign has no affiliation with this repugnant effort.”


You see, “undocumented students”–otherwise known to sane people as illegal aliens–are somehow permitted, by Texas state law, to enroll at the University of Texas, and they apparently enjoy the full protection, coddling, and interference on their behalf from university authorities and entrenched powers, against the expressions of anyone who might object to our country being invaded and overrun by the millions of them who swarm in, breed like rats, and are overtaking our society with all kinds of demands, encroachments, and transgressions.

UT officials even sanction events in support of illegals, and just last month the student government passed a resolution in support of “undocumented students”(AR 16).

Garcia and his fellow conservative students cancelled the event when they realized that retaliation against them became a concern beyond mere censorship and character-defamation, but a matter of their volunteers’ physical safety as well. The numerous media stories about the controversy mainly haven’t reported on the harassment and death threats Garcia has received; I had to learn about that part in an email from someone personally connected to Lorenzo. That person writes:

“I just cannot grasp how it is more hateful to believe that people should be legal citizens than it is to try and literally ruin a young college student’s life (a young hispanic college student – first in his family to go to college).

“Because his views aren’t the mainstream views of the hispanic community democrats are calling him a traitor to his race and telling him he is not allowed to have those beliefs.
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