Lame-Stream Media’s Twitter #FAIL

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I just love the mainstream media, don’t you?


I mean, what would we do for fun if we couldn’t watch MSNBC’s awkward game of endlessly throwing from one show to the next? (Over to you Bashir) Or chuckle with an odd sort of mocking jealousy at Christiane Amanpour’s accent? (How would you pronounce Nicolas Sarkozy?)

And what’s made the mainstream media even more entertaining than their cable news studio theatrics and editing prowess to make George Lucas jealous, has been the media’s foray into the ‘twittersphere.’ Some use it rather adeptly, others are still struggling to catch on to the finer points of “Twittering.”

But by far, the best thing to happen on Twitter this month (hey, stuff happens fast on the internet), has to be the creation of the Twitter account for Representative Steven Smith, the republican congressman from Georgia’s 15th Congressional District.

Fake Congressman Twitter Account

Those of us handy on the interwebs and able to perform a quick search of Wikipedia will find that Congressman Steve Smith does not exist, and neither does Georgia’s 15th district (Georgia has only 14 Congressional Districts).

This lack of factual backing for the quite fake and satirical gentleman from Georgia did not seem to keep some mainstream media giants from taking the bit hook, line, and sinker.

Chief International Correspondent for CNN Christiane Amanpour fell for our fake congressman just the other day. I mean, who is she to be bothered with some petty national political facts?
To see the tweets that “Rep. Steve Smith” read the rest at

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