JFK and the George W. Bush Jewish conspiracy

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On the 50th anniversary of the death of Camelot, President Obama united all Americans in condemning George W. Bush for killing John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy.


The evidence that GWB killed JFK is overwhelming, according to BHO and others who love conspiracy theories almost as much as they love acronyms.


President George W. Bush was from Texas, the exact same state as Kennedy. Bush was 17 at the time of the shooting. At the time he was into guns and alcohol. He has fired a gun in his lifetime.


There is no word on whether Bush pulled the trigger himself or hired Vice President Dick Cheney to do it. Cheney has spent time in Texas, has fired a gun in his lifetime, and has had adult beverages in his lifetime as well.


Obama pointed out that if Bush had passed gun control laws during his presidency, Kennedy and all of his children would be alive today. Obama insisted that his numbers were approved by the CBO. As for Obama’s failure to advance unconstitutional and counter-productive gun control legislation, he noted that passing such laws now was pointless since Bush has already gotten everyone killed.


Obama has a habit for hyperbole, so it is best to ignore him and tell the true story.


Ron Paul did not kill Kennedy, but he did chase him on the grassy knoll with a rolled up newspaper. Paul insisted the knoll was his private property. Paul supporters blame the Jews. Jack Ruby was Jewish, and he was acting in concert with the Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, Tri-Lateral Commission and Illuminati. The Libertarian think tank producing that report reeked of marijuana, which proves that JFK was toking a major doobie before Bush’s Jewish friends snuffed JFK out.


After a few hours of blaming Bush, Obama praised JFK as a trendsetter who gave overrated Democrats with great style and less substance a chance to fail at the highest levels of American power without personal consequences.


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