Obama: If Iran likes their nuke policy, they can keep it. Period.

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IranBut I’ll bet the Appeaser-in-Chief keeps this “you-can-keep-your-policy” promise unlike the one made to Americans under the domestic equivalent of the bomb, known as  Obamacare.

President Barack Obama is a serial liar but, like a stopped clock, occasionally also tells the truth. For instance, he promised skyrocketing energy prices. They set a record high in October. He promised to bankrupt the coal industry with new carbon emissions-standards. The war on coal is clearly on the offensive and in the direction of bankruptcy courts in West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

In Iraq and Afghanistan, he promised surrender. American troops have abandoned the former terrorist playground of Saddam Hussein with nary a footprint left behind; while President B. Hussein Obama has set a 2014 date-certain deadline for withdrawal in the former safe haven of al Qaeda and their Taliban hosts in Afghanistan.

Which brings us to the number one state-sponsor of terror on Earth since 1979, the Islamist province of the Return of the Seventh Imam-Apocolypse-seeking mullahs of Iran. You remember, the nation that held 53 American hostages; sponsored Hezbollah’s slaughter of over 241 U.S. Marines and other military personnel  in Beirut; killed 19 and wounded 372 U.S. airmen in the Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia; and trained and gave safe haven for al Qaeda, Baathist and other terrorist forces that killed and maimed countless America troops in the Iraq War.

The same nation that when young and old alike took to the streets demanding liberty in their 2009-10 Green Revolution and were mowed down in the streets by the ruling mullahs and then puppet-president Mahmoud (MembersOnlyJacket-ijad) Ahmadinejad; President Obama turned his face from the freedom fighters and begged for a meeting with the terrorist-state.

Well, last month the slaughterers of innocents finally agreed to meet with Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry (who, along with his predecessor Hillary Clinton so expertly identified Syria’s Bashir Assad as a “reformer” and then, after discovering his use of WMD, sold out the freedom fighters they gassed), seen below arriving for talks:

Soon after de-planing, the Vietnam veteran that sold out his comrades by meeting the Communist enemy in Paris in the 1970s, promptly surrendered to Iran on economic sanctions intended to dissuade them from building nuclear weapons in the wee hours this past weekend, as reported here at JFA yesterday:

Nothing good happens late at night, and America just had a modern-day Neville Chamberlain moment. At 3 am in Geneva, Iran and 6 major powers agreed to “temporary relief” of sanctions in return for Iran stopping or scaling back parts of its nuclear program. President Obama has just empowered the number one state sponsor of terrorism, Iran, to pursue its nuclear goals and objectives.

This is not diplomacy, this is abject surrender and appeasement. Iran loses nothing, not a single facility, not any capability to enrich uranium, but we have conceded the one best non-military option: economic sanctions.

Full text of agreement with Iran here.

No rule of human nature is more dependable than that weakness invites aggression. The cowboy that kept us safe after 9/11 has been replaced by an appeasement cow.

Brace yourself for what has been invited.

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“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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