Harry Reid Gives “The Finger” to America…Once More.

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The Majority Leader of the Socialists in Congress did it again.PELOSI wide eyed pass it

Harry reed invoked the “Nuclear Option” in Congress in order to facilitate the ramming of
The Socialists nominees, hard core legislation and other heavy stuff they are planning to unload on us.

Yes, Harry Reid and the Socialists gave “the finger” to America and they are proud of it.

Let’s see if they would be happy when the cards turn around in the next elections.

It is just a matter of time and a matter of will to recuperate the majority of Congress.

God and our free people’s nature will change the course of the Country.

Enough of the mediocre, conspiratory, narcissistic rule of the Marxist/Socialist in power who cannot do
anything right.

God Bless America.

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