Erik Rush: Radio Show Next Step for Controversial Author

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Erik Rush is no stranger to controversy.

Erik RushFrom his 2010 book, ‘Negrophilia’, to his role in the critically-acclaimed documentary “Runaway Slave”, Rush is living proof that the First Amendment to the Constitution is under full-scale attack in America from those who disagree with points of view that they simply don’t like, or don’t agree with.

And the attack on free speech is especially visible when it’s a black man who goes “off script” and starts telling it like it is, instead of how the Left and the mainstream media wants you to think it is.

Just ask Lt. Col. Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson, Thomas Sowell, Ambassador Allen Keyes and Herman Cain to name a few.

But like the other patriots mentioned above, the criticism only serves to embolden this product of a New York, liberal democrat home to the point where he’s just started his own radio show because he simply couldn’t write as fast “as the news keeps changing”.

Recently I had the privilege of having a thoughtful conversation with Erik Rush.  His personable and insightful story from beginning to the present was a refreshing mix of patriotism and wisdom.  The many talents of this humble man are inevitably propelling his rising star from not just the written page, but now to the airwaves and beyond.

One of the first extraordinary things I found out about Erik is that he is a self-taught musician and his keyboard/base guitar rock star dreams were his initial career of choice.  But a few years out of high school, playing in bands and totally getting into the Bohemian-rocker lifestyle, Erik gave it up, relocated to Colorado, and embarked on another one of his passions—writing.

With the success of having a few small fictional pieces published, he began to write for a small local newspaper, The Northern Colorado Courier.  It was during this time that Erik was becoming more aware of race relations as it related to the political arena, and found himself gravitating to a conservative/libertarian point of view.

As more conservative publications began to open up online, Erik began to write for several of these new media outlets.  And as fate would have it, when a conservative Chicago-area journalist who knew Obama was going to declare for the democratic nomination for president called Rush’s editor with a bombshell of a story, it was passed along to Erik who jumped at the opportunity to break it wide open.

The story was Erik’s debut into the big-leagues, and nearly cost the Barack Obama the 2008 presidential election.

What Erik had found was an alarming long-time affiliation between Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church in Chicago.  This racist espousing, America hating, dangerously-divisive rhetoric preached at this church certainly was something an American would-be president should not be comfortable with, and the American people needed to know it.  The story wasn’t gaining much traction in senator Obama’s Chicago-land but hopefully that would all change with Erik’s piece; and it did.  On February 20, 2007, “Obamanation” was published in, creating a firestorm of controversy for both then-Sen. Obama and Erik.

A week later, Erik broke the lightening rod of a story to the nation on FOX TV’s ‘Hannity’ Show.

With his expose` Erik was thrust into the national media spotlight and “put through the meat grinder”, as he refers to it.

“I was called everything from a traitor to an Uncle Tom and worse,” Erik tells me.

Although there was a backlash with the black community with the Obama tell-tale reveal, Erik says he was only too happy to expose not only the major red flags surrounding this unvetted relationship between Obama and Wright, but perhaps even more importantly, he was able to get out his own views as a Black- American on race relations and race politics.

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