Time Editor walks back ‘Death Panel’ admission, or does he?

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picture of dorian gray 300x300Before millions began receiving cancellation notices last month for insurance policies they liked and that Democrats said they could keep under Obamacare, their time-honored Orwellian-twistings of the English language held sway. No more.

Mark Halperin of Time Magazine, not a total stranger to the truth, obviously felt liberated from the usual Democrat-media role of running interference for Obamacare’s sacked-Quarterback namesake when he appeared on Steve Malzberg’s radio talk show on Monday:

“You believe there will be rationing, aka death panels?” Malzberg asked.

“It’s built into the plan,” Halperin said. “It’s not like a guess or like a judgment. That’s going to be part of how costs are controlled.”

I resist the urge to ask “Where does Sarah Palin go to get her reputation back?”, because liberal reporters are not and should not be the arbiters of truth, especially when they spend most every waking hour reporting the latest obfuscation of truth to advance the Democrats’ agenda. But when the failure of that agenda is made manifest with real victims in the millions, well, even a liberal occasionally wants to look themselves in the eye in the mirror without seeing the picture of Dorian Gray.

For Mr. Halperin, the staring at his visage without revulsion wasn’t allowed to continue for more than 24 hours, as he felt the need Tuesday to tweet an attempted retraction thusly:

In Mon intv I did not say “death panels” nor do I believe ACA contains them. Was speaking of political/policy challenge of IPAB cuts. My bad

accompanied by a tweet quoting Dr. Howard Dean:

Howard Dean: “The IPAB is essentially a health-care rationing body.” Again, not endorsing that view, but shows coming political challenge

“Political challenge?” Yes, Mark it is a political challenge and more, post-HealthCare.gov disaster, to get away with verbal gymnastics that continue to fool most of the people all of the time. Of course, “health-care rationing” smells as rank as panels of death, much as roses by any other name smells as sweet, eh. And with the chimera of Hope & Change now replaced by Regret & Despair according to your magazine’s and others’ polls, you can tweet enough to get invited back to Huffington Post cocktail parties in Georgetown, but not enough to make Obamacare a truly “Affordable” Care Act.

President Barack Obama himself let down the mask on Death Panels in his “take the painkiller and go home” moment in 2009:

The defining moment for the Presidency of Barack Obama came early, in June, 2009. It was one of many health reform extravaganzas to come, this one televised by ABC from the East Room of the White House, a town hall among health care experts and consumers.

Citizen Jane Sturm took the mike to ask how the brave, new world of Obamacare would treat people like her 105-year-old mother. At age 99 her mother’s heart specialist confided that without a pacemaker he couldn’t keep her alive, but at her advanced age he couldn’t justify the operation. Jane sought out another specialist, and when he saw her mother was still very much alive and enjoying life, he agreed to do the operation.

Over five years later, her mother was still living happily with her family as a result of the highly advanced medical technology she received. So Jane, still displaying her own spirited fight for her mother’s life, very articulately asked the President if under his vision for health care there would be any consideration given for a certain spirit, or joy of living, or quality of life, in providing medical care for those of advanced age. Or would there just be a cut-off at a certain age.

The President replied that we as a culture and a society have to learn to make better decisions about end of life care. And when the wise, central planning Washington bureaucrats discover the evidence shows the care is not going to improve health, they can let your doctor know, and let your mom know, maybe this is not going to help, maybe you’re better off not having the surgery and taking the painkiller and going home.

Jane just told him that without the surgery her mother would be dead, and he responds with a hypothetical that maybe she would be better off taking the painkiller and going home. And President Obama’s mind is so hypothetical and so theoretical that he is certain that far off Washington bureaucrats would know from the evidence when she should take the painkiller and go home, and could let her yahoo doctor know.

Halperin committed other random acts of journalism while with Malzberg that may require further Twitter-recriminations. As the network that Halperin obviously wishes to work for so that Oscar Wild’s picture in the closet stops aging, we report, you decide:

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