Destroying a nation one kid at a time Part 10 – A War on Lemonade…

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This is part ten of the series and we’re looking at how the feminization and legalization of our society is destroying our kids and our nation.  Our lives are being turned into a laboratory for politically correctness, a place where the feminist bullies and “rule makers” are pushing every envelope they can find to turn the nation into something that likely has the founders to spin in their graves.  Our schools have become an especially deadly place for our kids, but just about everywhere they set foot is designed to take the joy out of childhood.

The War on Lemonade has been going on for a while and its spread all over the country.  The root of this problem is not in the schools it’s in city councils and police departments.  I’m old enough to remember when “protect and serve” meant pretty much that.  Over the last twenty or so years police departments have become militarized, thanks to the drug war, and they’ve also been turned into revenue streams by their cities.

CORALVILLE, Iowa — Police in Coralville shut down at least three lemonade stands run by children over RAGBRAI weekend. According to Dustin Krutsinger, police shut down his four-year-old daughters stand after just 30 minutes. Krutsinger said the officer told his wife, “this isn’t the first time I’ve had to do this.”   […]

Josh Schamberger, President of the Iowa City/Coralville Convention and Visitors Bureau, said the ordinance was passed to protect riders from possible health risks. Similar ordinances have been adopted in other host towns for years, he said. Now Schamberger said he fears that the work of 500 volunteers may be forgotten, and lemonade stand shut downs will be remembered.

Mr. Shamberger let me go on record.  You’re a first rate jerk.

Oh, and as for the officer who was very nice and apologetic who said, “I really don’t want to do this but we’ve been told to shut down the lemonade stands…”  He’s the same brownshirt who put up traffic cones on the highway so visitors couldn’t stop and take pictures of Mount Rushmore.  He’s the same brownshirt who will knock on your door one day and say, “I really don’t want to do this, but I’ve been told to pick up your registered guns…”


I miss my country.

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