Cornhusker Kickbacker now a lineman for Insurance companies

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ben nelson2Former Nebraska Democrat Senator Ben Nelson has been regularly seen of late on Sunday and other TV political shows as the face of a private health insurance industry struggling with Obamacare. More specifically, he has been the chief executive officer of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners since last January.

This is the same Democratic Party senator, that insisted on pork payoffs to secure his necessary vote to pass the President Barack Obama’s signature Affordable Care Act into law in 2009-2010. You may also recall similar other payoffs to Democrats, including the “Louisiana Purchase” to Mary Landrieu, all 60 of whose filibuster-proof votes were required to pass Obamacare without a single Republican vote. Former President Bill Clinton was enlisted ats Obama’s Chief Lobbyist at that time to whip all Dems into line with the “pass-it-now, fix-it-later” argument.

Nelson was so harmed politically in the Cornhusker State that he decided not to seek re-election to the U.S. Senate. Instead he is now the spokesman for an insurance  industry put under siege by liberal Democrats as soon as President Obama was elected in 2012. It is understandable that they would at some point try and shape the legislation they must abide by in order to try and survive the rule of Democrats whose admitted goal, as enunciated by no less than Majority leader Harry Reid, of a single-payer, totally government-run health care system aka socialized medicine.

The insurance industry finds itself between a rock and a hard place, which makes the enlistment of a mealy-mouthed Democrat who flaps his lips while winking lies and not really saying very much, understandable. But Nelson is still a Democrat (read: liar), and considering that he demanded the Cornhusker Kickback for his Obamacare vote rather than seek a bi-partisan bill, it is instructive to witness him wax poetic with calls for bipartisanship while speaking to college students in his part-time adjunct position:

Conservatives understandably wince to such, but while we regret the flaws of the private insurance industry in dealing with the coming of Obama and the lobbyists they choose; we must defend and work towards a more free market that saves the industry. Defense of them will most probably become increasingly necessary when the federal government hasn’t even constructed the portion of required to transfer payments to carriers from customers.

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