Columnist Gets it Wrong on VA Governor’s Race

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by Lady Penguin

Columnist Gets it WrongRe: Kerry Dougherty’s GOP VA election analysis; “Crazies could learn from Chris Christie.” No, that’s the wrong answer. Ms. Dougherty: I’ll try to make this short, as it’s obvious you are set in your beliefs. Your column this morning in the Virginian-Pilot was disappointing, but not too surprising.

  1. The GOP can throw out the bathwater with the baby, fine with me and millions of other conservatives. Being a party without a conscience, principles, integrity and honesty is quite similar to the Democrats. So have at it. One caveat, the GOP needs the base, the base does not need the GOP. Yes, we’ll lose elections, but so far, Establishment GOP wins haven’t done much for preserving Freedom, or a framework for a healthy society, or a moral compass to maintain that society.
  2. It’s interesting that you used your column to excoriate conservatives. Would have thought the fact that Virginians voted for a man who has a tainted history (serious issues with significant legal questions, yet to unfold, going all the way back to the 1990′s, coupled with his past and present associations with the Clintons), would have provided better fodder for a column. The theme could have been what’s wrong with Virginians who would vote for a person with such ethical and moral baggage.
  3. The fact that you would call a significant number of the population (in this election, over 1 million voted for the conservative candidate)–”crazies” isn’t what I’ve come to expect from you, Ms. Dougherty.
  4. BTW, too bad you didn’t take on the blatant racism demonstrated by the Lt. Gov. Elect, Northam, toward Lt. Gov. candidate, E.W. Jackson.
  5. Yes, Cuccinelli, had some missteps, and instead of “softening” his stands, he should have explained them better. The idea that a good and decent man was maligned constantly in lying television ads and articles, proves that is the only way Democrats can win elections. One mistake conservatives make is allowing the attacks to be on the religious front vs the cultural war it really is. Cultural issues should concern all.
  6. Cuccinelli “wasting” taxpayer monies to fight laws Virginians “don’t want” to fight. It’s not unreasonable to believe in trying to hold the threads of a society’s fabric together vs watching them all unravel. And his move to stop the destructive Obamacare for Virginians was certainly not a waste of time or monies. Just ask all those people who are losing their healthcare.
  7. The GOP may well take your advice for a “prettier baby,” but consider how shallow a thought that is when choosing a leader. All that glitters is not gold. The Establishment GOP didn’t want conservatives to win in Virginia and that’s why their support was absent–and it did make a difference. But those of us who still have some sense about what is happening in this country will no longer rubber stamp the shiny object.

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