The Chicago Way

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Welcome to Chicago, America. Where “Enrich your friends and punish your enemies” is not just a slogan.

After 5+ years of Chicago style politics, the rest of the country is being treated to the evil cabal that is the Chicago democrat machine. Where everything is politics 24/7 and nothing is done for the good of anybody but the insiders. The main tenant is, how can we and our friends make a buck and how can we screw the opposition. If the country takes a hit as a result, so be it.

Having been born and raised in Chicago, I can attest to the fact that this bunch of crooks will stop at nothing to gain power and money, while using that power to devastate their enemies. In Chicago and Illinois, there is effectively no republican party because of over 50 years of democrat domination. Anyone foolish enough to oppose this group ends up politically dead. They depend on the fact that most people are busy with their lives and don’t pay much attention to the political process until it directly affects them.

The latest and most crushing example of “The Chicago Way” occurred yesterday in the senate. The unlawful, disgraceful and capricious takeover of the senate using the nuclear option shows the disdain that the democrats have for the opposition, the nation and any historical precedents.

For over 200 years, the senate has been the “gold standard” in the world as a deliberative body. Allowing the minority to voice their opposition the majority’s programs and providing a valuable role of advise and consent for executive branch nominees.

Now we will have “true” democracy, and you know what Ben Franklin said about democracy, “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb, voting on what to have for lunch.” The advise and consent function of the senate has become a rubber stamp for this socialist president.

Even though the republicans threatened the same disgusting trick, they never followed through and actually did it. In hindsight, maybe they should have drawn first blood.

From now until the 2014 election, you can count on Harry Reid to shove through every socialist/communist radical that Obama nominates to courts and other bureaucratic positions. And remember, the federal judge-ships are lifetime appointments. This will make the federal judicial system into a socialist rubber stamp for Obama and his cronies. It will also allow bureaucracies like the EPA, IRS, etc. to rule by regulation instead of ruling the country by legislation.
reid and obama
With this disastrous vote, the republic is being seriously threatened. We will rue the day that the senate threw away their long held traditional role and became just another tool for a corrupt, ego-maniacal administration.

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