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British Prime Minister says schools need to begin teaching virtues of capitalism


LONDON – Imagine a public school system that teaches students the basis of a happy and flourishing society is free-market capitalism – instead of big-government socialism.

Prime MinisterSuch a school system may soon be a reality – at least for our friends “across the pond” in Britain.

The Mirror reports Prime Minister David Cameron says the British need to re-learn importance of hard work and risk-taking to counter the nation’s current socialistic mindset.

“That requires a fundamental culture change in our country. A culture that’s on the side of those who work hard, that values that typically British, entrepreneurial, buccaneering spirit, and that rewards people with the ambition to make things, sell things and create jobs for others up and down the country,” Cameron said.

“That’s what this government is on a mission to bring about.”

Public schools and colleges must be involved in rekindling that capitalistic spirit, Cameron added.

Americans should treat Cameron’s message as a warning of what this nation stands to lose if we don’t rein in the left-wing activist teachers who have turned many of our classrooms into hotbeds of anti-capitalist thought.

As EAGnews has reported on numerous occasions, anti-capitalism is at the heart of the “white privilege” and “social justice” concepts that are represented in school curricula all across the U.S.

If Americans don’t get control of the radicalism that’s running wild in our schools, Britain’s current plight will be our dilemma in the very near future.


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