Breaking – Democrat Harry Reid dismantles rules, makes Senate his personal poodle

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Don’t you just love the kid on the playground who, after he keeps losing, just changes the rules? Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader, has for years run the Senate with an iron fist, doing his best to keep the 45-47% Republicans from doing anything to halt the left-wing Obama agenda. After failing to keep them from blocking his far-left agenda, he’s now gone Playground Loser.

Isn’t it funny how, when he was in the minority, he and his cohorts screamed bloody murder about any perceived attempts by majority Republicans to strong-arm any bill or agenda. Reid and the Democrats used the cloture/filibuster rules as a weapon to block dozens of well-qualified judicial nominees by President Bush for no other reason than the belief (quite accurate) that these judges would rule according to the Constitution and not according to Democrat desires. As a result, many vacancies in the federal circuit and appeals courts remained unfilled when President Bush went out of office, left to be filled by the Obamanistas.

Now Republicans have finally begun to play some hardball, and use the very same cloture/filibuster rules to block Obama judicial nominees who would most certainly rule contrary to the Constitution. Republicans have effectively blocked Obama from stacking the courts with hard-left nominees. Suddenly Harry Reid considers such blockage to be evil and partisan. And he’s very angry.

So this morning he has announced that he is going to shove a rule change into place that will abolish the minority right to deny a nomination with a minimum of 41 votes. This Senate rule has been in place since 1917.

It can be debated at length as to whether the rule change is legal or not. It is most certainly, at this juncture, a despicable power grab. by a man who said in his own words as recently as 2008, that making this specific rule change would be a “black chapter in the history of the Senate.”

Hello, black chapter.

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