America’s border attacked, Administration vows no deadly force

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border patrolWill the Obama Administration never learn the basic rule that the history of human nature has taught us, i.e. that weakness and appeasement invite aggression? Given the practical disarming of the Border Patrol and the predictable results below, one must shudder to think what may be in store for Americans at home and abroad at the hands of Iran, given that their past terrorist actions have been rewarded by President Barack Obama with a green light for their nuclear weapons program.

Meanwhile, at the Tijuana River channel, near the San Ysidro, California Port of Entry:

A crowd of more than 100 people pelted Border Patrol agents with rocks and bottles as they tried to cross into the U.S. illegally, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. According to CBP, a Border Patrol agent ordered the Mexican nationals to stop, but they continued walking into the U.S. Officials said the agent fired a PepperBall Launcher, but it did not deter the crowd.
“They had their phones out so this group was out to spark an incident. That’s what they wanted to do, “ Border Patrol Union representative Gabriel Pacheco said. Even with reinforcements, agents were outnumbered, dodging threats, rocks and bottles. More agents responded as the crowd became “unruly,” even hitting one agent in the head with a full water bottle, officials said. According to CBP, the agents used “intermediate use-of-force” devices, and the group retreated back to the Mexican side of the border.

No one was arrested.

Just weeks after the Border Patrol vowed publicly not to use deadly force unless absolutely necessary, over a 100 illegal aliens plan and execute a mass border crossing meant to spark a violent incident.

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