Insider Bongino Sounds Alarm on Obama Administration’s Tactics

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“He’s like an actor in a play.. Don’t assume he understands. In the play, he’s the hero everytime..”

Every Administration has dealt in patronage, every politician caters to the folks who got them there to some degree, but according to former secret service agent Dan Bongino – who protected the lives of President Clinton, George W. Bush and the current occupant of the White House for 12 years – the Obama Administration has a punishment system operating at levels so dangerous that the American people need to be warned.

Appearing on Hannity Wednesday night, now candidate for Congress in Maryland’s 6th District Bongino explained how he was compelled to come forward after witnessing first hand what goes on behind closed-doors with Barack Obama and his inner-circle and why an alarm needs to be sounded regarding the use of government as a weapon against their enemies:

Perhaps most important is the note regarding the press and how they enable this Administration to get away with these transgressions, where a Nixon or future Republican Administration probably wouldn’t.

bonginoBongino’s take on the difference between George W. Bush and Obama regarding the troops is very telling and the description of Obama not really knowing what’s going on and being an “actor in a play” to me makes more sense than a lot of what pundits assume is going on with this White House.

Either way, if 2014 doesn’t see a whole lot of Bongino’s being elected to the House and the Senate – it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

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