Bill O’Reilly Throws Andrew Breitbart Under the Bus And I’ve Had It

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bill-oreilly-ego2Bill O’Reilly Monday Night attempted to trivialize the career of the most fearless warrior of the prevailing conservative movement: The late Andrew Breitbart.

Good luck with that Mr. Factor. In actual conservative circles you hear never-ending praise of the man who artfully wielded a machete through the liberal Velveeta and gave the rest of us something to live up to. As a true conservative revolutionary, innovator, brawler, orator, gladiator of the culture war and yes – as a journalist – you Bill O’Reilly, could not hold Andy Breitbart’s loofah sponge.

In a nutshell: Nobody ever made a T-shirt that read; “I Am O’Reilly.” And if they did, no self-respecting conservative would ever be caught dead wearing it, for damn sure.

Okay, back to Monday night on “The Factor”:

Bill’s guest was Harvard Professor Charles Ogletree and the subject was the latest drivel from Oprah Winfrey, a beloved, black, television superstar billionaire, who says America is only critical of our black president because we’re racist. I’m not a psychologist, so I’m hopping right over that to O’Reilly’s interview of Professor Ogletree, a regular on the apology panel for Barack Obama.

When the professor supported the talk queen’s disconnections, but served up no examples for any broad-based racial attacks on President Obama, O’Reilly did the one thing which compels me to have any interest at all in his show: Bill pressed him doggedly to provide some evidence for these absurd claims that opposing the president is based on race and not on the fact that a child of four could tell you Obama is incompetent at best and insidious at worst.

breitbart1So far, so good, Mr. I’m a simple man – you made a relatively educated guy like Dr. Ogletree look like the adulating cheerleader he is. Then – like all liberals who just had their unarmed asses handed to them – Ogletree dropped back and punted. When forced to name one – just one source – of conservative criticism aimed at Barack Obama based on skin color alone, Dr. Ogletree not only reached for someone associated with the authentic conservative movement, someone outside the establishment, one easily identified with the Tea Party – he chose someone who wouldn’t be there to defend himself: Andrew Breitbart..

Bill O’Reilly had the chance to defend Breitbart and instead did this: It’s at the end.

Now I know there was a mad rush to claim best friend status with Andrew when he died, but there’s a reason for that: People wanted to be his best friend. People miss Andrew. When something happens in the news you feel that void where Breitbart’s wit would normally be hanging out. Even his enemies thought he was a great guy.

I’m not trying to stake a claim, but I knew the guy and I knew of him. Andrew Breitbart was a lot of things, but he was not a racist. And he never criticized Obama based on his skin color and Bill O’Reilly had the chance to say that but instead cast Breitbart off as a “blogger?” I know you don’t think much of the new media and why should you, Mr. Falafel, but Andrew Breitbart was not a “blogger” anymore than you’re a “TelePrompter reader” even though you do that every night.

This Ivy League fraud just called Andrew Breitbart a racist and you’re just fine with that because you have nothing but contempt for conservatives, the Tea Party, new media, Breitbart News or any other organization doing the actual hard work and breaking stories which journalists used to and now just pick up from the Internet and regurgitate. You’re a coward Mr. Global Warming and while I’m at it – you’re not that bright either. That’s right I said it (in my best Levin)!

Why do you think Dennis Miller takes all those pauses and makes faces every week? Do you think it’s part of his schtick? It’s not, O’Reilly – it’s because when you don’t get half of what he says, he’s sitting there thinking what a ditz you are, but he likes the gig. And when you constantly feel compelled to explain the jokes you do get to the audience, Miller is straining to not roll his eyes and scream he doesn’t come to where you work and bother you while you’re flipping burgers.

Bill – quit pretending you’re one of us – you aren’t. You’re as establishment as that pudgy, bald, anti-Reagan Revolution, white-board wielding RINO lover who seems to be on Fox News more than the Fox News bug in the corner of my plasma.

Andrew Breitbart can never – I SAID NEVER – be replaced in the conservative movement. You could be replaced by Megyn Kelly. Think about it: Megyn Frikin’ Kelly. Yeah.. her.


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Rodney Lee Conover is a 2014 candidate for Congress in California’s 8th District


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Who’s a poopie-head??

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