Armas…¿Para Qué? (Weapons….What For?)

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Armas…¿Para qué?    

Weapons…what for?

Just at the beginning of the Cuban Revolution, when our “Savior” Fidel Castro was a young and articulate revolutionary, the Cuban people was unaware (just like the American people is right now with regards to its actual leader), what was behind this, then charismatic Cuban leader.

He lied to the teeth to those in the “low level information crowd” that were enchanted by the long, boring speeches from the “Savior”. His first one lasted for more than 12 hours..(You have to be pretty ignorant or plain stupid to sit down and listen to his political rhetoric for 12 hours).  But it happened and soon the grips of the Marxist revolutionaries were strong and final.

One of the first speeches that Castro unloaded to the masses was the infamous: Armas …¿Para qué? (Weapons…what for?). The dictator tried to rationalize the need of disarming the people “because with the Revolution, the former dictatorship had gone away and there was no need to have weapons since the Revolution would take care of the safety and security of the population”. 

Yeah, right! The rest is well known by everybody. The Tyrant is still alive and in control of Cuba despite that he is a walking dead zombie.

Now we see something very similar in US:  A socialist ruling class, that are, decisively, against weapons in private hands.

A President that considers himself the Savior in expensive suits and a bunch of politicians, that, either are in cloud number 9 or are part of the socialist conspiracy to disarm America.

Disarming America is essential for the Marxist Revolutionaries to take over this immensely armed population.

Isn’t that funny? This country has had more than 200 years of liberty and always its population has been armed, not because of any strange desire from its citizens but because the forefathers, showing wisdom second to none, included this very important right in the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution.

What a difference to other Countries which have always being governed by tyrants or tyrants-want to-be and where the population is completely disarmed or heavily controlled by their respective Government.

When you hear the anti-gun rhetoric over the news, from the left controlled US media, just remember Cuba.

Just remember a Savior in revolutionary green clothes and hiding behind a beard, trying to consolidate his grip and convincing the population to disarm: Armas…¿Para qué?  (Weapons….what for?) The rest is widely known: Cuba, the island nation with a disarmed population, subjected to the Socialist, Marxist, Communist rule of a dictatorship that had lasted more than 50 years…….

Then, realize the similarities to our actual situation of “gun control”….scary!




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