Administrator found guilty of racketeering millions of dollars

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STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. – A former district administrator and her ex-husband, were found guilty last week of stealing millions from Georgia’s DeKalb County School District.

racketeeringPat Reid, the district’s former chief operating officer, and her ex-husband, architect Tony Pope, were found guilty of racketeering, reports the Atlanta Journal- Constitution.

The racketeering occurred when Reid, acting as the district’s COO, manipulated millions in construction contracts to benefit Pope.

The case has been ongoing for over three years since Reid, Pope and Former Superintendent Crawford Lewis were indicted on charges, the Journal-Constitution reports.

Lewis was originally charged with racketeering and theft, but he agreed to a plea bargain last month to misdemeanor obstruction.  As a result of the plea deal, Lewis agreed to testify against Reid and Pope.

In part of his testimony, Lewis claimed Reid pushed through addendums to the contract with Pope and a building contractor as expansions rather than new projects, according to the news site.

Lewis admittedly signed off on these contracts without reading them beforehand.

Reid also fired one design firm and the contractor working on the project so the work would go to Pope and another builder.

That action by Reid led to a multimillion-dollar civil suit that is still pending.


Prosecutors estimate that the ex-couple received more than $1.4 million from these manipulated contracts.

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