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I hear a lot of people complaining that the Obama Administration is leading us down a path where one day we will be living in a police state. I ask you this: What do you consider “a police state?” Does it mean residing a place where authorities are standing in your living room, watching everything you do and waiting to place you in shackles if you violate any new “thought police” statutes? Is it like the Old Soviet Union or the current North Korean regime? What?


While you’re thinking about that, let me tell you where you live right now: You live in a country where the Federal government can (notice I didn’t say “does” or “might” or “will”) can listen to every phone call you make, read every email you send or receive and track your movements once you step outside your home. They can access your IRS information on how much you make, where you make it and your perceived intentions regarding tax-relation activity. Soon they will have all your medical records and can see what you’ve been treated for and what type of doctor you’ve been to. And they can do that without your permission…

I’m not saying they are doing it. I’m merely pointing out that they can. And they now have been dragged kicking and screaming into admitting it in public, with the exception of a few lies in front of Congress by the head of the NSA, James Clapper (currently the Director of National Intelligence). My question to you is simple: What is a police state?

obama magicIf for whatever reason, the Federal government decides you are someone of interest, they can, without any concern for your Fourth Amendment rights, investigate all forms of your communication, Facebook postings, Google searches, cell phone conversations, whatever. And if they hear the right buzzwords (they decide the buzzwords) they can do the same to your friends, relatives, enemies, acquaintances, Facebook pals, whoever.


You know what I hear less and less of lately? That Snowden is a traitor. And for good reason.

I’ve been told over and over again that the NSA doesn’t spy on Americans. Then they were, but they won’t. Then they would but they couldn’t. Then they did but they won’t anymore. Now they just do. This is about political power, not catching terrorists. Grow up. There is no time in this country’s history where the government has been given power and they didn’t abuse it. It’s the nature of power and this is no different. Need more?

Snowden’s hot girlfriend
The spy who loved me, then went to Russia with love. Hope he doesn’t.. die, another day -muah ha ha. Octopussy.

A British newspaper, The Telegraph, is reporting that NSA staff has been using their technology designed to catch terrorists to spy on their lovers, past and present. Yes, there’s nothing like keeping a watchful eye and ear on your ex, just in case they’ve decided to set off that nuclear device they’ve been building in the spare bedroom. The folks who swear they won’t abuse their power or use it in any way to further their careers or help a politician or oppress a fellow American in any way, are keeping tabs on what their love interests are up to. Their phone calls, emails, Internet activity, searches and who knows what else. I’m serious – who knows what else? Raise your hand if you think they haven’t been downloading Snowden’s hot girlfriend’s every email, photo, conversation and who knows what else?

I heard Dana Perino – someone I highly respect and admire – say that with all the intelligence they gather, the NSA is of course going to gather some information by mistake along the way. But this is not an innocent slip-up. This is the deliberate abuse of power and denial of civil liberties guaranteed under the Constitution to their victims and all of us. These weasels did not break the rules – they broke the law.

Look them up. Seriously

Until they are rooted out and held accountable the NSA should not be in charge of anything. The NSA is not about terrorism or spying, it is about gathering information for coercion, oppression and political extortion. Raise your hand if you think every bit of information on President Obama’s enemies and potential adversaries are not being organized for use by the usual suspects – Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, Plouffe  – all of ’em. Go look up the Cloward–Piven strategy and get back to me if you don’t believe it.

What is a police state?

I just hope that Senator Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul haven’t searched anything online that can be used against them in 2016 because it will be. I hope none of their relatives, co-workers or friends have done any research or looked at any subject that will allow CNN, the NY Times, MSNBC, CBS, The Washington Post and all the others to scream the headline; “REPUBLICAN NOMINEE’S UNCLE GOOGLE’S TOPLESS ACTRESS !” Don’t worry; I’m getting to Hillary…

"It matters this much"
“It matters this much”

I’m not exaggerating. It’s so easy now – before you had to sneak into or know somebody at the FBI willing to give you 900 confidential files of Republicans, and then explain how they got in your sitting room with your fingerprints on them. Or you had to be married to the President and the whole thing goes away – but still it was a lot tougher then. Now you just Instant Message your buddy at the NSA; they stop listening to their ex-girlfriend talking to that guy she met at the gas station long enough to upload enough info on anybody to find something that can be twisted into a scandal. Or maybe you need to intimidate, say, a Supreme Court Justice into rewriting ObamaCare so it somehow seems Constitutional?…”Just say it’s a tax or something. What can they do – you’re a frickin’ Supreme Court Judge for life, baby!”… Just being hypothetical there.

“too cute by half” ? um… yeah.

Here’s what we know:

  • Clapper lied to Congress, nothing happens
  • The NSA says they have broken privacy “rules” 3,000 times in the past 12 months or so nothing happens
  • Again, these are not rules; they are laws that were broken
  • The law states these violations are felonies which call for up to $250,000 in fines and five years in prison for each violation
  • No one has been charged

This is what we know. Imagine what we don’t know?

If this isn’t a police state, what is? Twenty words or less. Thanks.


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Rodney Lee Conover lives in California with his whippet “Jack.” He’s a candidate for the House of Representatives in California’s 8th District for 2014.

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  1. Raymie Connolly says

    we are only in a police state if we allow this action…it is time to remove the standing armies…and the politicians that back them…judges too…any federal employee is about to be fired with no prospect of returning to their jobs…there won’t be any for them to manipulate.

  2. O'Bryan says

    Police State – A state where even your private actions are monitored and judged by the government for arbitrary reasons.

  3. pearl87 ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says

    There are still far too many Republicans and Democrats reciting the tired claim that Snowden is a traitor. We the people , however, may finally be waking up. I hope.

  4. Tuffy Butler says

    Excellent article! The problem is not this party or that party. It is the entire bloated system. In short it is us against them. It will continue to be a losing battle until “We the people” wake up and realize the deplorable strategies utilized by politicians on either side of the aisle such as divide and conquer or hand outs to name a few ,are simply nothing more than smoke and mirrors. I dare to say that the large majority of politicians are in it for selfish motivations regardless of their initial intentions and not for the betterment of our society and their fellow citizens.

  5. GRAMPA says

    police state? No government accountability. They do not need to abide by the same laws that we do. The people who did serve the people now rule the people.
    God bless America.

  6. mtman2 says

    CONGRESS must be REAL MEN[+Women] with as quoting Judge Jeanine
    -“PUT YOUR BIG BOY PANTS ON” and use the authority given by the Founders Wisdom to control the Publics purse strings; politics be dammed[up]!

  7. Todd Hill says

    Not yet. But when the bloggers start getting dragged from their homes, and the right to even share this kind of opinion is threatened, Then we are in a full fledged police state. Right now, it’s more of a “law enforcement settlement”, well on it’s way to “Cop City”. Police state is still down the road apiece. We need at least 3 or 4 more years to get it all set up.

    1. mtman2 says

      There are so many of us compared to them and 1/2 law-enforcement are with us, unless WE do nothing to stop them; could not happen!!!

      1. mtman2 says

        Police “sleeper-cells”???To the left WE have “police-sleeper-cells”, ie -most of the nations Sheriffs dept.[home-grown].

  8. rixie says

    We live in a Police state soon to be a communist state with the undocumented democrats and wimps in congress that do nothing to protect the constitution or their oath of office. None of them give a rip about the majority of we the people. Pretty sad day in america

  9. RightGunner says

    Rodney you are right on, and besides the possibility of controlling Supreme Court Judges, there is also the possibility of controlling State judges and others up and down the line.

    However the most important thing to remember is that all persons of power including the President, can be spied on by interested persons, in the same way as the President appears to have spied on a few of his Generals recently. This a sure way to control all people in power who care about their legacy, and there does not appear anyone who doesn’t care.

    Power like this is always won by the worst totalitarian power-graspers. This power needs to be eliminated, not just contained.

    1. mtman2 says

      The Prophets of old and the Disciples after the Resurrection DID NOT CARE A WIT ABOUT authorities in power or the will of peoples; but only the truth that NEEDED TO BE SAID. WE will be be given that wisdom in the the day and the hour when it comes even at the cost of OUR LIVES.
      IF -WE- wake up to the seriousness of the hour, to speak the Truth and the Hope that lies within us.
      PATRICK HENRY did!!!!!! As well as -all those- that “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, out Fortunes, and out sacred Honor.”
      This nation was a GIFT to us, WE did NOT create it; but WE must uphold and maintain it!!!!! OR as Ronald Reagan said “enter a thousand years of darkness”.

  10. fenix1 says

    I really like Dana Perino but when i heard her say that on “the 5” i almost fell outta my chair. My God, this woman has been in the thick of Washington Politics and she actually believes that what the NSA did was an accident! She has got to be the Epitome of Naivety!

    1. Big Iron says

      Whether she’s stupid or just acting doesn’t make a difference; she’s NOT in a place where she should be.

    2. mtman2 says

      Nobodies perfect!! But she sure is an improvement over the “wing-nut spokes-punk, puking coverups and lies out every day. A lot easier on the eyes too, I must say.
      Remember WE could get “we have a right to debate/what difference does it make”
      un-Hilarious-cavewoman- Flintstone next.

  11. Zeon Deikun says

    Cloward, Piven strategy! Overwhelm the system welfare, amnesty, entitlements etc. then the system collapses and the progs step in to build a ‘brave new world!’ Molon Labe!

    1. fenix1 says

      Right out of Saul Alinskys’ “Rules for Radicals”!

    2. Big Iron says

      Read “Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars”; it’s an internal instructional publication of the CIA, an evil minion of the PTB without a doubt.

  12. SniperToo says

    Well, you Obama, gagging voters, P L E A S E W I T H Y O U R S E L V E L E S?
    Yes, you stupid monkey’s, this is what you were gagging for. And guess what? He will be spying on you as well. You are not off the hook. All dictators in the history of this world, have never trusted their very own nor the people who are close to them. He has even spied on his chums in the Middle East, Russia, China, etc..So, while you sing his praises, he is ease dropping on you. Morons, happy with yourselves, really? What did you think this Muslim, usurper, Dictator, Kenya born, homo was ALL about? Do you know what the word research/do your homework MEANS? Of course not, you don’t know what a dictionary looks like, let alone knowing where to find one. Obama bots, idiots. Burn in [email protected] Go to this site and wise up – WWW,DEVVY,COM. This is how you take down a dictator. Use the wire fraud on the bum.

    1. Zeon Deikun says

      Stalin, killed his most loyal sycophants that’s why when Hitler invaded the USSR he almost won, the only thing that stopped the Nazis was ‘General Winter’! Molon Labe!

      1. mtman2 says

        If there was no Eastern Front @ the same time, Hitler would’ve march thru the USSR. Then taken Britain solidified Northern Africa along with froggy[vishy]France, with Italy’s help: not to forget Japan hitting Pearl to pull us into the fray -could have waited- til the entire Pacific w/Australia was locked up.Thankfully Hitler/Hirohito bit off WAY more than their Generals + economy could chew. WE were big in “isolationism”, nationally!
        IF he had waited to not hit all at once, Europe would’ve been his and there would not have been locations convenient for us to launch from. He’d of had the Arab + Russian oil fields. This would have given the edge + time to finish developing ALL the super weapons the NAZI’s/Japan had in the works. It could be a different world today. and is why WE have morally authority and responsibility to the worlds directional march. WE did actually save the world from Hyper-Tyranny, even saving the USSR/Russia who then challenged OUR moral authority with atheist communism.
        This isn’t a movie to put on replay; reality is mostly a one time deal.

    2. Oldmonkey says

      Call him Lycurgus, Karl Marx, Stalin, Mao, or Hitler; just don’t call him a monkey. Monkeys behave better.

      1. Big Iron says

        Remember, ‘God made the monkey because he was disappointed in Man!’

        1. Oldmonkey says

          Have your religious beliefs since all practiced properly support a civil society. Obama is at best a horsefly on a pile.

  13. JenniferP says

    Pictures at every overpass, drones small enough to buzz around your head, all communications monitored…what isn’t police state about the activities?

    1. Oldmonkey says

      Sounds very UK & we are getting there fast

      1. JenniferP says

        Yes, my friends from the UK are wondering why their adopted country is taking on the problems of their native land. I can only imagine the level of dismay they must be experiencing. I know I am dismayed…and angry.

        1. Oldmonkey says

          If you follow UK politics and NHS where the road leads it ain’t pretty. Positive things going there are UKIP who are Right Libertarian starting to be significant as elected politicians to Parliament, House of Lords, and European Union representatives. Brits are lowering welfare & housing subsidies, and pushing back against mandated immigration of EU, and encouragement of educated immigrants.

  14. 1baronrichsnot1 says

    Yep! we are a police state. Plain and simple, no doubts here! We elected a communist, Alan Keyes said “get rid of him, he will ruin the country” direct quote! We have him, and also have weasels who appease the head office, we have communists and anti religion nuts ruining our military! In this regime we have an army of staffers, electees, judges, media, all communists/marxist reflections of Karl and company. Once a police state, we will not be able to live free, we fear our gov’t and they will have our guns! The GOP has further moved into appeasement of the overthrow. Hoping I guess to be relevant in something, anything, that might give them noteriety and power. All gov’t employees vote for their wallets now, to hell with the republic. She is gone, and not protected, but attacked by the police state… Yes, every one of the bill of rights are being trashed. Policemen will tell you ” you are in violation of obeying an order of the police dept”, and to hell with your rights of illegal search, seizure, and right to demonstrate! We are our own watchdogs, the media has bailed out, and joined the marxists gazette.

    1. Big Iron says

      I have always been a big fan of Allen Keyes and have held a grudge against the Republican party for not allowing him to be part of the presidential debates even though he WAS a presidential candidate; the other PTB candidates would have looked like the fools they were/are had he been allowed to participate.

      The “ballot-box” is broken. We are in a 1-party system run by the PTB!

      Are we in a “police state”? Maybe not et but we ARE certainly heading there … if the people don’t realize that no one is going to fix this for them; it’s ALL up to them!

      1. mtman2 says

        Can’t have too many reality checks to disturb the direction of the intentional thought format, pre-programed into the -control of the narrative- to be allowed!!!!
        Talk of letting Rush Limbaugh[w/Mark Stein} host a debate is a wake up call all the way around.!Snurdly/Elbert Guilory/Herman Cain/Thomas Sole/Star Parker/Dineen Borelli, Charles Paine; on TRUE civil rights and the black American citizen!
        So why not also do the Primaries with these fine folks:
        2) -Dr. Walter E. Williams/Stuart Varney/Charles Pain, hosting/fielding the ‘discussions’ on economics!
        3) -Dr. Benjamin Carson, hosting/fielding discussions in the arena of medical savvy,
        [unless he’s running]!
        4) -Dr. Charles Krauthammer, on + for every + anything else!
        5) -Ann Coulter/Michelle Malkin/Laura Ingraham/Dana Loeshe/Greta Vansustren, on womans issues!
        6) -Quinn + Rose, on the Bill of Rights!
        7) -Steve Doocy/ Gretchen Carlson/Brian Kilmeade, of FOX n Friends fame for general questions that people have[human interest]!
        8) -Hon. Bill Nojay/Dr. Savage, on states rights!
        9) -Glenn Beck/Bill O’Reilly, on sovereignty !!
        10) -General Petraus/Colonel Alan West/Colonel Oliver North/LT.Markus Lutrell; on all things military!!!

        11) -Megan Kelly/Kimberly Guilfoil/Angela Tantaros/Dana Perini, on legal issues in the political arena!
        12) -John Bolton/K.T. MCfarlan, international issues past and present!!!

        Candy Crowley/Chris Mathews = WHO???
        Qualified in comparison to any of the above??? NOT!!!!!

  15. cvxxx says

    First thing is to take back the campaign financing. Only tax payer
    paid campaign financing no outside money allowed. That means a congress
    that is loyal and beholden to the voters of the district.

    1. astrojohn says

      You jest, right?

  16. Clay Cooper says

    Can they listen to room conversations through your cell phone and what about Onstar listening what’s being said inside the vehicle and what playing over the radio? By passing the cell phone company and other devises like Onstar is extremely plausible with today’s technology

    1. bahndon says

      They can turn on the microphone of your cell phone and the on-star system and you will never know it is on. The only way to keep your cell phone microphone from being turned on, is to remove the battery, on-star is not as easily disabled.

      1. Big Iron says

        Have you noticed that the batteries in the newer phones is NOT removable or user serviceable?

        1. bahndon says

          No I have not looked at the new generation phones, I have the most basic phone, it has a camera and that is only because verizon does not have phones without cameras anymore. Not being able to remove the battery is so the spying is readily available.

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