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Intelligent or Slick tongued Shyster?

There is much to do about how intelligent and smart Obama is. I have often mused over this proposition as I consider how many stupid conditions this man has wrought upon this nation. Consider that no President has ever generated such animosity and so deeply divided the people. Few, if any, have displayed such a total lack of understanding and appreciation of personal responsibility and for capitalism AKA the free enterprise system. I first thought his analogy of the Federal Government’s rollout of Obamacare to that of Apple’s rollout of the latest iPhone was a SNL parody! Obviously this man has no comprehension of the differences between government and private business. Now, perhaps I’m being overly judgmental but if so would someone please explain the logic of such actions. There are only two possible answers: 1) he is dumber than a grasshopper’s ass or 2) he is, with intelligent purpose and forethought, doing his best to destroy America and transform it into a nation of his own ideologue design.

More often than not I am inclined to lean toward (1) above. By his own choosing there is no public evidence that he has ever accomplished anything of substance. No one can explain how he gained entrance to Columbia University or Harvard Law School. Other than a “press” report that he graduated in the top 10% of his class at Harvard, the only accounts of his higher education are 3rd party rumors. This cannot be disproven; neither can the obvious fact that someone or some group paid a lot of money to have him go through Columbia, admitted to and receive a law degree from Harvard and then, out of nowhere, arrive on the national political scene with great fanfare.

However, when taking a deep look at his political record there are convincing indicators of intelligent actions to achieve the reactions enumerated above. But here is where the real essence of human intelligence must be examined in the context of reality. Unfortunately, those that espouse Obama’s intelligence never point out that intelligence does not imbue upon the individual integrity, humility, common sense, leadership,  compassion, love or any other redeeming human characteristic. In the absence of such traits only a slick tongued shyster can attain the status and popularity as has Barrack Hussein Obama. As has been said about Hitler “The conclusion for any reasonably well informed person is that while Hitler was charismatic and cunning, he was not an original thinker”. See any similarities with the Mouthpiece of the Enemies of Free Enterprise?

ObamaJust before his election he arrogantly stated “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” And his followers are now saying “job well done Mr. Obama”. The bottom line is that whether he is a dumb ass or highly intelligent, he is a slick tongued shyster.

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