Vets return Barrycades to Spite House… feels right


barrycadesHas America ever had a smaller Chief Executive?

Yes, I know that James Madison stood only 5 feet, 4 inches tall; but both he and Dolley were giants compared to a 6′ 1″ President that uses his executive discretion (and a Democratic Party led by Senate majority Leader Harry Reid that denies funding) to purposely cause pain and inconvenience to the best Americans and most vulnerable among us from war veterans and the survivors of the fallen wishing to visit monuments and memorials to denying funding for NIH cancer patients.

So we were happy to see one more raid from WWII vets over the weekend that stormed Washington, D.C. and return the Barrycades to their rightful owner:

But Mike, how could we have suspected such behavior from Barack Hussein Obama would be forthcoming? Well, as Senator Obama, he and Hillary Clinton voted to de-fund troops in the field in Afghanistan and Iraq. And in his first term budget and debt limit battles, just as now, he threatened military pay, Social Security payees and “default”, even though money exists in the treasury at all times, even if the debt limit date were passed to pay the soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, grandfather, grandmother, the disabled and interest on the debt.

This time, so far (cross fingers and pray to Jesus they continue to exert the Ted Cruz-built spine) the GOP House has thwarted any realistic attempt to access blame against Republicans by passing separate bills to pay the armed forces (Harry shamed to pass it and Barry signed it), the National Institutes of Health and national parks (Harry and Barry refused to consider the latter).

President Obama, not satisfied with the founding document of “mere negative liberties”, only abuses the U.S. Constitution that Madison was the father of, now desecrates the flag that Dolley first sewed.

And it may take more Martin Luther King-like non-violent civil disobedience to defeat the vviciousiberalism wrought by the modern-day Democratic Party that was re-elected to dispense more largess to the needy. Now we see how they use that power over the vulnerable. Miss Commander-in-Chief George W. Bush yet? I thought so.

Mike DeVine‘s

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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