Sustainable Development’ The Evil Facing America-Part 2

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Sustainable Development: A Life Plan Chosen By Someone Else

by Tom DeWeese

evil facing americaNow, perhaps you’ll understand why there are Sustainable Development papers, guidelines and regulations to impose the ruling principle:

  • On our public education system – to prepare our children to live in a sustainable world.
  • On our economy – to create partnerships between business and government, making sure business becomes a tool to help implement the policies
  • On the environment – leading to controls on private property and business.
  • On health care – the new drive against obesity is leading directly toward controls on what we eat.
  • On farming – Sustainable Development policies affect farmers’ ability to produce more crops by regulating or banning free farming practices that have fed America and the world for 200 years.
  • On our social and cultural environment – where political correctness is controlling policy, including hiring practices, immigration policy, multiculturalism, marriage laws, etc.
  • On our mobility – with emphasis on carpools and public transportation and away from the freedom of personal transportation.
  • And on public safety – where the rule of law and the court system is being challenged by new regulations that affect the right to privacy and unreasonable search and seizures.

It’s important to understand that these leading issues we face today are not just random concerns that find their way into the forefront of political debate. They are all interconnected to the policies of Sustainable Development.

And you must understand that Sustainable Development is the official policy of the government of the United States of America – and every state, city and small burg in the nation.

It is completely bi-partisan. It is being equally implemented by Republicans and Democrats. No matter the outcome of any election – the Sustainable Development agenda moves forward unabated.

What I am telling you here today is that Sustainable Development isn’t just some land use policy. It is a complete transformation of American society; away from the rule of law; away from the ideals of property ownership, free enterprise, free travel and even free association.

Sustainable Development. It’s a life plan. Planned by someone else. Not you.


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