Slaughter of the Innocents

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The slaughter of twenty-some innocents at Sandy Hook sent shock waves through the nation. The thought of these young lives snuffed out by a “crazy man” was more than the nation’s conscience could bear. A national outcry was heard to protect our young children.

The media went into overdrive to ferret out every detail of the killer’s life, the victims’ lives, and the mother of the shooter’s life and to start the blame game. However, in the year since this hideous crime, there has been a more horrendous crime going on every day. There have been approximately 1.2 million innocents slaughtered and you don’t hear a word on the news or any protests about it. That is the number of abortions in an average year in America. Think of it, 1.2 million innocents who haven’t even had a chance to be born are slaughtered for “convenience”.

Where is the compassion for these tiny lives being snuffed out even before they take their first breath? Are they “less human” because they haven’t been born yet? I don’t think so. They carry the same genetic code as all of us do. Even if they cannot live outside their mother’s womb, they still share our humanity. Is it morally acceptable to trade their lives for our “pleasure”?de

Yes, we should grieve for the loss of innocent life in Newtown and everywhere natural and man made tragedies strike, but we should also grieve for the innocent lives of the unborn who are slaughtered every day in this country. When will the politicians and leaders of this country wake up to the slaughter going on every day? When will good people say enough is enough and overturn the elitist Supreme Court ruling that started this slaughter? I hope the time is fast approaching when people of good conscience stand and say, “stop the slaughter”. Without a public outcry, there will be no end to the suffering.

With the holiday season fast approaching, let us stop, pray and reflect on all of the great scientists, poets, doctors, artists and teachers who won’t ever improve the human condition because they were not allowed to be born.

Pray for an end to the slaughter of the innocents both before and after they are born.

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