More Shutdown Showcase

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shutdownThere’s a lodge along the Blue Ridge highway called, oddly enough, the Mt. Pigsah Inn  The highway is open and traffic is heavy this time of year.  The Lodge is booked solid for the entire month of October and it’s one of the few places along the highway grab a bite to eat.

The problem for the Inn is that it sits on National Park Service land and the driveway from the highway crosses NPS land.  The driveway is never “manned” by Park Service Rangers.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday, because of the shutdown, the National Park Service posted two Rangers and barricades on the access to the Lodge and told the owner that “because of the government shutdown” his restaurant and Inn is closed for the duration.

Pay close attention at 0:50 when the chief ranger, Steve Stinnett tells us how “the federal government” has ordered this private business closed.

You can read the whole pathetic story in USA Today.

Let me be clear.  And I’m sorry I can’t say this to your face Ranger Stinnett.  You are a God damned Nazi.  You’re not fit to wear a uniform of any kind in this country.  May you rot in Hell.  And I hope the fire wipes that God damned smirk off your arrogant face.


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