Sebelius can’t defend selective Obamacare delay for Big Business


obamacarePresident Obama hasn’t taken questions in public from conservative media since the government shut down last week.  No “real” Mainstream Media (see liberal Democrat) so-called “journalist” privileged to question the president privately or in public, has asked him about why it was legal (via unilateral executive fiat), much less fair, for him to  a grant one-year delay from compliance with Obamacare’s employer mandate to Big Business while refusing a Republican demand that individuals also be granted a one-year delay from compliance with the individual mandate tax.

Then his Secretary of Health and Human Resources showed up for what she surely thought would be a kid-glove’s appearance on Comedy Central’s”The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart…

Of course, there is no adequate answer for the obviously unfair treatment of the poor and middle class as opposed to that of rich corporations at the Obama Administration’s hands.

Kudos to Jon Stewart for exhibiting the qualities of a real reporter seeking the truth. [Full interview links here.]

Mike DeVine‘s

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

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