Roger Simon Wets His Pants

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I don’t often get called a racist, but when I do, I know I’ve just kicked some liberal’s ass:

RogerSimonMake no mistake my conservative friends, the leftists are scared and they are out of ammo. Here’s a rebuttal to a good example – a lockstep wannabe named Roger Simon at “Politico,” a website which regularly features smear-mongers aimed straight at the people. Roger Simon is frightened at what he sees and calling people – including myself, a bunch of bigots.

Some background:

Having smelled just a taste of what is to come (particularly in the 2014 primary and general elections), the mainstream and not-so blessed left-wing haters are out in force, screaming racism where they can invent it. When World War II veterans in wheelchairs are barricaded, harassed, threatened and jack-booted by newly empowered National Park Service employees, Americans came to their aid – and why not? Haven’t these mostly 90-year-old men – who defeated tyranny once – earned the right to view a memorial honoring their service without the new tyranny taking out the batons and stopping them?

Videos of these real men, most of them now not even walking were all over the Internet with clear evidence this Administration was going out of its way and spending extra funds we supposedly don’t have to reinforce entry to a Memorial paid for by private citizens. But Roger Simon could care less about real men: Forget that these are the men who afforded Roger Simon everything he has – including the freedom to ignore and despise them. Roger Simon hates what these men stand for and chose instead to highlight one – I repeat – one guy holding a confederate flag.

Because we all know that means everybody there and all over country who disagrees with Barack Obama, supports veterans or aligns themselves in any way with conservatives, Tea Party groups, Senator Cruz or anyone protesting what they see as a Marxist approach to the “fundamental change” going on before their eyes – is a racist. Yes, Roger Simon knows Saul Alinsky’s rule #5 well: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. There is no defense.”

The only reason I bother with a hack like Roger Simon is that his blog at Politico; “Government Shutdown Unleashes Racism;” caused some intended consequences which I’m sure Mr. Simon is bouncing up and down in his basement about: Mainly, that Megyn Kelly apparently took Mr. Simon at his word and jumped the racial shark already in her short prime-time tenure at Fox News.

Over at (sorry, had to get that in there!) I posted an article by a talented writer named Kevin Jackson on race and the presidency. I thought the piece was brilliant and wanted it to get all the exposure it could. At the bottom as is customary (even to the Roger Simon’s of the world) was a link to the full article at:

The story is full of satire and salient points and facts about how President Obama has been a disaster for black families and business. How having a black president makes criticism a racial hate crime is explored as well. Finally, the article includes an historical comparison to how black Americans flourished like no other time in history under Ronald Reagan – thus, the obvious sarcastic title; “America Needs a White Republican President”.

One other thing: Kevin Jackson is black – Shhhhhhh!

Roger – you unwittingly bashed an African-American! Or as Kevin calls himself: “American.” What’s the deal Mr. Simon – do you hate black people? Are you in the Klan like so many of your Democrat predecessors? Don’t you wish Kevin, or people of his kind to have the right to publish their opinions? Sounds like Jim Crow, which doesn’t surprise anyone since Democrats were behind those laws, poll taxes, segregation, the Trail of Tears, Japanese being forced into concentration camps and of course, slavery in America. Conservative Republicans ended all those Democrat ideas, Roger – ever write about that?

See what I did there? Good, because here’s what Roger Rabbit printed about yours truly at the mighty Politico:

“This weekend, racism came out of the closet. (Which assumes it has ever been in the closet.) Protesters marched through the streets of Washington on Sunday with a Confederate flag and then a protester lounged against the White House fence with one. Displaying the Confederate flag in front of a home occupied by a black family was meant to send a particular, and particularly repellent, message.

There were other signs of our descent. Remember Samuel Wurzelbacher? Known as “Joe the Plumber,” he was selected by John McCain as his presidential campaign mascot in 2008 with the same care McCain used to select Sarah Palin.
Over the weekend, Wurzelbacher posted an article on his blog titled: “America Needs a White Republican President.”

“Admit it,” the article said. “You want a white Republican president again. Wanting a white Republican president doesn’t make you racist, it just makes you American.”
America has come to a sorry pass. Not because there are still racists among us, but because the racists among us think they can tell us what makes an American.”

Full article here: (you bet Roger is click happy here suddenly)

So there you are: Roger Simon calls himself a journalist, yet can’t do two seconds of research to find the source of an article. I doubt he would have recognized Kevin’s piece for what it was anyway, but at least it would have made him struggle with the thesaurus, trying to find PC terms to call Kevin a racist. Has the Internet made people lazy? Or is Roger just excited to get attention?

Did he email or call myself or Kevin for a comment? What – and get the other side, or GOD forbid – some balance or truth? Nope. He just blasts away, without regard to integrity or slander laws. That’s right pal, you’re a lapdog liberal minion who I know is reading this. You’re so hungry to please your overlords so that maybe one day – please – one day you’ll go mainstream full-blow, big-time left-wing, water-carrying Obama propagandist.

“… Ah… Maybe now that Joe is angry, the bosses will notice me?

Angry? Hardly. I love exposing you losers.

What’s ironic, is people like Roger Simon truly believe they’re going to have a seat at the table when the lefties take over. Wrong. You’ll be the first to go, Mr. Simon – you’re a useful idiot. In case you don’t know, the keyword in that sentence is “idiot.”

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