Republicans had every right to let the shutdown happen

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October 2013 has been a month for the ages. For showing America who stood where when it was time to be counted, there’s nothing like 14 days of ShutdownTheater™, with a triple-shot chaser of the all-guns blazing ObamaCare Launch FusterCluck to End All FusterClucks.

Now I want to address this lingering and patently silly myth that Republicans are to blame for the shutdown, and that it makes us evil people and terrorists who of course hate the children. And oh yes, we did it because we’re racists. No, really, those idiot Democrats actually said that.

We get a say
First, Republicans are entitled to a say in how the federal government is run. 48% of Americans voted for the Republican against Obama in the presidential election. The House of Representatives is the House of the People, and Americans voted the Republicans into a 234-201 majority. In the Senate, Republicans were voted into 45 of 100 seats (make that 46, Al Franken).

Representing roughly 50% of America entitles the Republicans to a say in how America is governed. More specifically, owning 54% of the seats in the House, which with Constitutional authority controls the purse strings of the government, gives Republicans the predominant say in how the budget is run.

Winning a second term by a thin minority and barely holding on the to Senate does not give your party a mandate to jam down America’s throat any old thing you want.

So for starters, we get a damned say.

Democrats have been horrifically irresponsible in budgetary matters
Second, the Democrat-run Senate in 5 years under Obama and in direct violation of the law have never submitted a budget, and have never considered or even brought to committee any of at least a dozen budgets passed by the House. Obama’s joke budgets don’t count. Legitimacy in the budget belongs to the House Republicans, and to the House Republicans alone.

In 5 years, America has operated by a series short-term Continuing Resolutions, with no formal budget, usually filled with spam, pork, and poultry products that stink of Democrat fingers. Meanwhile the national debt has gone from $11 trillion to $17 trillion. Every time – every single time – that the Republicans have tried to use the end of the latest CR to extract concessions from the Democrats in terms of lowering spending, the Democrats and their Media toadies have gone into hysterics accusing the Republicans of (a) ending life as we know it, (b) hating poor people, (c) putting a gun to America’s head to protect the rich, and, of course, (d) racism.

Every single time, the Republicans folded like dishrags. Until this time, they finally didn’t, for about 4 glorious weeks beginning mid-September.

So when the Republicans refused to fold, and the Democrats categorically refused to negotiate, then you got yourself a shutdown. If you, dear reader, still blame the Republicans for this shutdown, I have no words for you. Only one finger. Got it?

We hold every possible square inch of moral high ground
ADDITION-LIBYA-US-UNRESTThirdly, we, and we alone, hold the moral high ground. The Obama administration has been utterly lawless. They have used the IRS, the EPA, and the NSA as weapons against Americans, against the First and Second Amendment, against basic governmental restraints, and against Republicans. Obamacare is transparently unconstitutional, and they told laughably huge lies to get it passed. They are engaged in active coverups of Bengazi, and of crimes committed by the IRS that materially swung the 2012 election toward Democrats. This administration presents a whole array of false economic data to keep Americans from knowing the extent of economic damage they’ve done, most notably the unemployment numbers, which are actually between 11-12%. They perpetuate the lie of global warming.

They’ve used the Department of Justice for a laundry list of illegal and immoral things, among them: running guns to Mexican drug gangs for the purpose of making a gun-control political push; claiming that civil rights laws protect only minorities and not white Americans, while rampant voter fraud has gone on in urban black areas; using the VRA to handcuff perfectly legitimate electoral fraud prevention efforts (like voter ID) in red states; lying repeatedly under oath to Congress.

And the National Parks Service. Could there be a more despicable illustration of Democrat thuggery and abuse of governmental power than that? I hope like hell that the minute Republicans can wrest power from these punks, that they track down and fire every single NPS employee that was on the government payroll as of October 1 2013. With cause. The fact that money was confiscated from my earnings and ended up in the pockets of NPS employees is an abomination which I don’t intend to tolerate.

The high ground? The people trying to work for Americans? It’s us, baby.

So spare me the mock rage against Republicans for (finally) standing up to Democrats. Go call the Waaaahmbulance.

Was it the right move to do?
That’s a fair question. Of course it was. But I fall back to a more fundamental question. Did Republicans in the House and Senate have an obligation to make demands of concessions in order to pass another CR? Yes, they did. One party has to be the adults. And in one party, virtually every elected member campaigned promising to do everything in their power to stop the implementation of Obamacare. If you never make a stand, you never get that done. This was making a stand. If you feel it was not the right time, it was damaging politically, or whatever, more than 50% of America wants Obamacare repealed. Not a single Republican voted for it. It is a statute repugnant to the very idea of individual liberty. At what point were you going to make a stand?

Believe what you want to, but this was the time. Actually, every shutdown threat previous to this was also the time. But before now, we didn’t have Ted Cruz.

Now they know that to impose their will, it’s no longer a cakewalk. And that is going to slow them down. Perhaps you noticed all the Americans standing up against the park closures. Who inspired that? I mean, besides the fact that the intestinal makeup of America is not what you think it is. Do you Establishment GOP Surrender Monkeys think that you inspired the civil disobedience?

Nope. You didn’t build that. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee did.

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