Park Service Boots Seniors from their Home

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Shutdown Follies…

…Version (I’ve lost count)

Last week we highlighted the story of the Pisgah Inn on the Blueridge Parkway that was closed down by the Brownshirt Nazis who are masquerading as Rangers with the National Park service.

Today, it gets worse.  From KTNV in Las Vegas…

Got that?  These folks are 80 and 77.  Tossed out of their home by the ParkNazis to make a point about the shutdown.

Park Service
I is a Park Ranger… now Boo Boo go find Yogi!

Let me be really clear about something.  I don’t toss the term “Nazi” around loosely because it has a very specific meaning, especially to folks like me who were around shortly after the demise of the Third Reich.  I use the term with respect to the Rangers who are “just following orders” from the Obama administration with purpose.  They would fit into Heinrich Himmler’s organization seamlessly.

It looks like the shutdown is going to stretch out for a while and I sense that the people’s nerves are getting frayed over the petty antics of the tyrant running things in Washington.  We’ve had 17 government shutdowns since the 70s with both Republicans and Democrats at the helm.  We’ve never seen this level of arrogance from any administration.  Never have monuments on public lands been declared off limits.  Never have private businesses been shut down.  Never have homeowners been forcibly evicted from their homes.

There’s a showdown coming and it will not be pretty.  I don’t normally go out of my way to wish ill on people, but if a showdown happens, I certainly hope the Brownshirt NPS Rangers take the brunt of it.  Couldn’t happen to better group of tyrants.



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