I am officially revoking my respect for John McCain’s service to our country

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Senator John McCain:

Whenever a politician from either side of the aisle, a member of the media, or anyone speaking on any topic involving you, your opinion, or your vote in the matter talks about the subject – they must first run the “McCain Disclaimer;” praising your service to this country.

Lest anyone be seen as insensitive or ungrateful after 40 years of hearing anything you say or do premised with how much you have given – Mr. McCain, let me now say what every conservative has been thinking for a long, long time:

Let me tell you what you have done to this country…700

You served almost 6 yrs in a prison camp and now you have sentenced 300 million Americans to a LIFE sentence of Obamacare. I want everyone to remember your name as their 65 year old grandmother lies in bed dying because she is deemed too much of a “risk” to help, ie, she is deemed too expensive.

I also want everyone to remember your name when they can’t find work because you stabbed them in the back and allowed our borders…YOUR borders… to be opened to a flood of Illegal immigrants who have nothing to add to this country and our way of life beyond a lifetime of out of control growth in state and federal entitlement spending, and a guaranteed vote for Democrats for countless generations to come.

And I want everyone to think of you every time they try to have their voices heard, and help make a difference in the electoral process, only to find themselves being ridiculed and shunned by you and your crony “gangs” in Congress. From calling your fellow party members “whacko birds” or “without intelligence”, to your mockery of Americans standing up for fundamental change in Washington, you have proven that you have no respect for the people you swore an oath to protect and defend…against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I hold you in utter contempt, as do a great many Americans; you have made a mockery of your service to this great nation, getting far more mileage out of our pity than our embrace, and I call on every Veteran to stand against you and stand against your next election campaign. It’s clear that you would stop at nothing to help Obama and his regime, and your actions in recent years have given me, and many like me, no choice but to revoke my respect for you and for your so-called “service” to our country.

Being a veteran of war no longer gives you a pass for being bad for this country. With your express help, liberals have succeeded in destroying much of what made this country great and threaten to ruin the very fabric of America. You’ve enabled and assisted these Marxists and to continue looking back all those many years to what you did in VietNam as an excuse doesn’t cut it anymore.
What have you done for me lately?

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