Obamanistas out to break America’s “mountain pride”

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It is the steel that made America uniquely great in the history of the world; forged on a lonely and merciless frontier; tempered by a unique experiment in “consent of the governed” that not only cast off the scourge of slavery but produced agriculture, industry, and economy that rule the world to this day; and honed to a fine edge by the constant encroachment, from both within and without, by those who would take away our freedom.

The steel within
cowboys-dustIt is Rugged Individualism. It is Individual Freedom. It is asking nothing from anybody except the unencumbered right to pursue my own way and my own dreams, and to provide for myself and my mine in the manner I choose. It is the demand that America be governed justly, and by just people. It is duty before self, responsibility before pleasure.

It is Mountain Pride. It is American Exceptionalism.

the enemies without
The British Empire couldn’t put the fire out (twice). The slave-holding states couldn’t negotiate away moral truth, and couldn’t rend the Republic in two. Three powerful empires in two world wars only made America stronger. The worldwide expansion of Communist Russia and China again required the best of us, and the Beacon of Freedom prevailed.

MarlboroMan2In latter years, a new curse on mankind, the scourge and the threat of the evil global Islamist caliphate raised its finger against America. And seemingly as if from the ground a veritable horde of patriotic young men rose up, and volunteered for the war against Evil. Thses kids rival the Greatest Generation in patriotism, bravery, and methodical, inspired competence. I didn’t see that coming. That’s how great that was.

And now the Enemy Within
The Left has for generations – literelly since Woodrow Wilson and probably 30 years before that – sought to tame this spirit, to bring subjugation to this independence, to this internal fire that will not be tamed, by this educated, intelligent self-reliance. That was the point of the New Deal. That was the point of the Great Society, and the Left thinks nothing about having destroyed the heart and soul of Black America. That was the point of eugenics abortion-on-demand, to rot the moral core of America, as has been the goal of Hollywood and pop culture for at least 3 generations.

Government Bennies
And so in context, we study the Obamanstas and the explosion in levels of unemployment, welfare, SNAP, and disability. Government no satidfied to govern, but thirsty to control, to in effect enslave America. Force of arms will never get it done. And the Left would do that if it could, just like its ideological fathers like Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.

They’ve been passing out “obamaphones” like candy. They have not only expanded food stamps, now called SNAP. Oh no. They aggressively lobby Americans to take advantage of, and thereby become dependent on, government-supplied benefits. They specifically attack and ridicule self-reliance and moral obligation as some kind of old-fashioned, backwoods point of view. They mock it.

It’s not just SNAP and other government bennies. What do you think abortion-on-demand is? I mean, besides murder. It’s the promise of consequence-free hedonism. No need for morals, just do your thing, baby. Spending on a budget, with self-imposed restraints? Nah! Credit cards! And therefore Americans learn to get what they want, do what they want, free of consequence. Just like the government spends, with no restraint.

But what they mock, America still holds dear
The Left has succeeded in doing great damage to America from within. But perhaps you noticed. This war is still being fought.


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