Obamacare is hurting schools

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Obamacare is already hurting schools as paraprofessionals, teachers’ aides, cafeteria workers, substitute teachers, bus drivers, and other personnel are being cut back to below 30 hours.
hurting schools(Here’s two articles on the trend.)  This is particularly bad for the students who have to adjust to so many different substitute teachers as they continually must switch out because they have maxed out on their 29-hour week.

State and local taxpayers will also feel the financial pinch of Obamacare because of the compliance costs, penalties, fees, increased cost of insuring employees, and additional coverage mandated under Obamacare.  Educators around the country are already watching their insurance premiums go sky high.

If all goes as the Obama administration has planned, the large insurance companies will soon implode under the many mandates of Obamacare; and everyone, educators included, will be funneled into a single-payer plan where life-and-death decisions are made by the federal government.

Aetna and other major insurance companies have already pulled out of 10 states (article here).  Aetna is the major provider of healthcare insurance for Texas public school educators.

Sen. Cruz and the other conservative members of Congress know the “Obamacare playbook.”  This is the reason that they made their stand.  The tragedy is that so many of the other Congressmen took the cowardly way out, caved, and allowed the Bully-in-Chief and the mainstream media to intimidate them into compliance, leaving our nation trapped in the tentacles of Obamacare.

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