New Numbers Spell Trouble for Obamacare

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Daily-Mail-Logo1A Health and Human Services leak indicates that Obamacare is delivering less than desirable numbers for the Obama Administration. The UK Daily Mail reported today that two anonymous HHS employees who have access to the enrollment numbers have provided them with data that tracks enrollments in the first week of Obamacare’s debut. The

Obama Administration did not wish for these numbers to come forward until November 1st.
If the numbers are to be believed, only 51,000 Americans have enrolled in Obamacare thus far. At this pace, only 2 million Americans will have enrolled by the end of the 6 month enrollment period, a far cry from the 7 million enrollees necessary to keep the program financially solvent. Launch day provided only an anemic 6200 enrollees to the program.

While the Administration was quite proud of the fact that the website received many millions of views thus far, it would seem that they are going to be less pleased with the number of people who actually end up buying a plan. According to this video, many of those viewers could have been scam artists attempting to learn the system for the purpose of gaming seniors and other vulnerable Americans.

These numbers couldn’t have come at a worse time for the President, who is currently insisting that he need not negotiate any part of Obamacare with the Congress. To be sure, White House officials and the Administration are claiming to have not seen these numbers and are unwilling to discuss the statistics until their November 1st report. If they are hoping that Obamacare will last longer than the Macarena or Tomagotchi, they best have better numbers to report in

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