They Must Take Your Kids To Win

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Marx said it out loud: Get the kids away from parents. If they don’t, they can’t win.

And for those of you still in denial about the left in America not wanting to literally take your children from you, have the State raise them, brainwash them and have them turn on you and serve the collective – Liberals are officially out of the Marxist closet and saying it like it is:

Maybe it’s because of the wildly successful Obama Administration run that they’ve begun a more honest dialogue with the American people about their intentions or perhaps they think they need to be more direct? Who knows? It could be they just don’t believe you’ll do anything about it – could you blame them? What have you done to stop them over the past 60 years?

Look at what goes on in colleges across America? .. Oh yeah, that’s right, you haven’t a clue. Well, we are kinda busy, what with jobs, careers, families, watching The Walking Dead, etc. But certainly you’ve been attending your local school board meetings and going to your kids Parent / Teacher nights and checking out the new Common Core text books, no? No? Hmm.

All is not lost, guys, in fact there’s hope. A ‘Letter to the Editor’ written by Scott Nowak – one of America’s youth – was recently sent to me and I found it refreshing not so much for what it said, but that the author has taken upon himself the initiative to think for himself and not just regurgitate what his teacher’s are telling him. Maybe it’s a natural instinct for kids? If that’s the case, we can all relax a little bit. Actually, I can’t believe I just said that, but here’s part of his “Different take on liberals” missive:

“I am a high school senior writing in regard to the letter by Kevin Johnson on Sept. 27. He states many inaccuracies about how liberals have been there for minorities, the elderly, women, etc.


First, history demonstrates that Democrats were against blacks becoming equal, free citizens, eventually leading to the Ku Klux Klan. Also, Democrats were opposed of passing the 13th-15th Amendments in the 1860s. Republicans fought for those amendments, including President Lincoln.


President Lyndon Johnson’s views on civil rights in the 1950s when he was Senate majority leader were highly against the bill’s passage due to fear of the division of the Democratic Party.


Kevin Johnson states conservatives are on a campaign to take away a woman’s choice on having a baby. Terminating a developing fetus, no matter how old it is, is still killing. (Unless, of course, it’s a group of trees that liberals are always obsessed about saving.) Liberals are quick to jump on the bandwagon to bomb Syria because of the killing of so many children, yet they do nothing to stop the murder of innocent, aborted babies…”

You can read the entire letter HERE:

Hey – maybe there’s hope? But I’d still keep an eye on your kids, their teachers, our politicians and the nutjobs who have any thoughts even close to the young woman from MSNBC in the video above. That is scary, isn’t it?

But don’t kid yourselves – they all think like that – it’s just this one isn’t afraid to say it.

– 30 –

Rodney Lee Conover lives in California with his whippet “Jack.” He’s a candidate for the House of Representatives in California’s 8th District for 2014.

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