#MoreGlitches – The Atrocious Care Act sets sail

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custer_last_standThe Obamanistas have described the October 1 launch of the USS Atrocious Care Act as having some glitches. President Teleprompter hilariously compared ACA’s epic top-to-bottom failure with Apple’s iPhone having a minor boo-boo.

Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, Apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch, so they fixed it. I don’t remember anybody suggesting Apple should stop selling iPhones or iPads or threatening to shut down the company if they didn’t. That’s not how we do things in America. We don’t actively root for failure. We get to work, we make things happen, we make them better, we keep going.

hindenburgAs most people understand the word, a glitch is a proverbial skinned elbow in need of a bandaid. The product the Obamanistas put into those exchanges has multiple broken bones, internal bleeding, and severe head trauma.

But hey, the Democrats have redefined everything else, why not “glitches” too. And now that we know how to work it, it sort of requires a hashtag. Doesn’t it?

Obamacare is not the first glitch in the annals of History.
I’ll start. You know how to dance with Twitter. Don’t leave me lonely.

  • #MoreGlitches – Man, that Ishtar movie had some glitches.
  • #MoreGlitches – That whole Bay of Pigs thing was not without its glitches!
  • #MoreGlitches – New Coke
  • #MoreGlitches – Facebook IPO suffered from some glitches
  • #MoreGlitches – Air America had a few glitches.
  • #MoreGlitches – that whole maiden voyage of the Titanic was just one glitch after another.
  • #MoreGlitches – all those shovel-ready jobs in Porkulus
  • #MoreGlitches – General Custer’s cavalry ran into a few glitches.
  • #MoreGlitches – Michael Mann, #IPCC and dire predictions of global warming
  • #MoreGlitches – Windows Millenium, the OS to end all OS’s.
  • #MoreGlitches – those #DallasMavericks of 1992-93 went 11-71, a season not without its glitches
  • #MoreGlitches – at one point #edshultz was going to be the leftist counterweight to #elrushbo
  • #MoreGlitches – Clantons and McLaurys – hey we got these Earps right where we want ’em!
  • #MoreGlitches – hey this whole welfare idea should be really great for poor families…
  • #MoreGlitches – Hitler – hey while we’re attacking western Europe, it’s a perfect time to take over Russia!
  • #MoreGlitches – #MinnesotaVikings – hey, we really really really need #HershelWalker – let’s make a trade!
  • #MoreGlitches – I’m thinking……#morecowbell !
  • #MoreGlitches – Hydrogen would be a great gas to use in those dirigibles because ….oh yeah, that.
  • #MoreGlitches – hey, this Maginot Line – no WAY there are any glitches with this thing!
  • #MoreGlitches – That Nero guy, he’s a little flaky, but I bet he’ll grow into a great emperor!
  • #MoreGlitches – Hey, we’ll show those Colonists who is boss. Stamp Act! Boo-ya!
  • #MoreGlitches – wait, you’re saying Dan Quayle might not be an awesome running mate?
  • #MoreGlitches – Bill Buckner – hey, slow roller, I got this. We’re gonna win…..ah, crap. Another glitch.
  • #MoreGlitches – bride runs away with best man. Just a little glitch in the wedding, that’s all

Twitter awaits. You guys are brilliant. Tweet away with glitches that remind you of Obamacare!

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